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Musical Utena ~ Bud of the White Rose! Come and get it!!!

Yep. Time for sharing, friends.

Musical Utena ~ Bud of the White Rose, complete musical & disc extras:

Subtitle Files:

The Musical Utena ‚ÄúSoundtrack‚Ä  made by me:

The video is slightly downscaled from the original Blu-ray rip, so it's 4gb for the musical proper and not 10gb. The entire thing with extras is about 7gb. Subtitles exist for the musical, the full stage extras, and the student council meeting. I don't have translations for the behind the scenes piece and the tea time piece.


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Saionji Slapper
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Re: Musical Utena ~ Bud of the White Rose! Come and get it!!!

Oh my, yes. Thank you!




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At Times, Love Is
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Re: Musical Utena ~ Bud of the White Rose! Come and get it!!!

I bought the DVD, thinking I would only have to slightly adjust the blu-ray subtitles to get them to work with it in VLC.

It's not a matter of just the timing being off, though. That's the case for around 2 minutes if I'm lucky, and then the subs stop showing up at all. Re-adding them doesn't help.

Clearly this problem isn't happening to most of you, but I'm so confused by the fact that it works for two minutes and then stops... I have to wonder if there's a problem besides the obvious fact that I'm trying to use blu-ray subs for a DVD, like if I'm using the wrong media player... but Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, and Movies & TV are all region-locked (VLC isn't).

Here's something that would help me a lot... If I had a copy of the translated script, that'd be enough for me; I wouldn't need subtitles; I could just have that open on my phone while I'm playing the DVD on my computer. This is what I do for Yueju Opera.

I have aegisub so I suppose I can extract it from that but I figure it's likely there was a transcript already that the subtitles were made from, so... that would help me, is all.

I'm just really struggling.

And I have no interest in downloading the blu-ray rip because then, to me, that will have made my purchase feel worthless. I am not willing to buy something just to pirate it anyway... then I would feel no connection to the item I've purchased. I would get less satisfaction then if I'd done either one or the other to begin with.

For the record, if I sound frustrated, it's not really directed at anyone in particular... I'm just frustrated over how hard it is to watch this DVD that I paid 80 dollars for because I knew there would be a fansub.



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Re: Musical Utena ~ Bud of the White Rose! Come and get it!!!

Hey! I'm sorry you're having trouble getting it to work! Honestly you're the first person that has asked after the DVD, I think most went with the Blu-ray. The translation is a .ass file, which allows for a lot of tailoring of the subtitle content, however I just converted it down to a .srt here, which removed some of the lines and styling but nothing that would be necessary or part of the main script. (You probably don't need the lyrics to Absolute Destiny Apocalypse anyway, right? lol)

Give this a try, the SRT format is simpler and easier for software to chew on, so it might argue less: … _LiQu9LV5L

If this doesn't work for you, here's a copy of the script, based on the output from the .ass subtitle track, which is honestly the main working copy of the script because I liked to do my editing with the video and line length in mind. … 4tSZNe0yck

Hopefully this works out for you! I'm sorry you're having trouble with it. etc-love

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