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Beautiful Thorns, Chiho Saito's new manga featuring Juri, Shiori, and Ruka is now scanlated and ready for happy happy eyeballs! Download it in a zip here, or check it out in the gallery. Thank you everyone!! <3

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What does Akio actually show the duelists?

So I get most of the motivations of the duelists in the Akio's arc. The scenes in the car tend to explain things pretty well (though I am struggling to quite get Nanami's motivation in her second duel). But in universe, it's clear that Akio is showing them something after the car trip that puts the duelests over the edge and into the fighting mindset...So what is he showing them? Anthy being implaed by swords? The planetarium controlling the world? Or do they just go to that hotel and have a big orgy? Narratively speaking it's actually pretty unimportant since the journey accomplishes more than the destination, but it does leave me wondering.



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Re: What does Akio actually show the duelists?

The end of the world. ;)

Seriously though, I do think he shows them the outside world. It gets a bit into fanfic-y territory, but if you're into the metaphysical aspects of Ohtori as a location, maybe the truth about it is what freaks them out. (Or, if you want to retroactively apply the movie here, an actual apocalyptic wasteland.)

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Re: What does Akio actually show the duelists?

It's Akio we're talking about, what do you think he shows them?

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