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Something interesting I noticed

Not sure if this has ever been pointed out before (probably has given how old this community is).

Can you see what the similarity is here? In the Kozue, Shiori and Ruka's fights, Utena fights left handed. These three opponents are all left handed, Utena is swapping hands to stop them getting an advantage (personally speaking, I'd fight left handed all the time if I was ambidexterix just for the advantage). They aren't the only duelest that are left handed either. Kanae is also left handed. Utena fights her right handed, but she must have had trouble with that south paw (in spite of how east Utena wins that fight) so decided to try swapping for future lefties. Wakaba is also left handed, but Utena doesn't use a sword for that duel. And yes, that means four of Mikage's brainwashed pawns, coincidentally, fight left handed. I would think that has something to do with Left handedness' conection to the word Sinister, but then Keiko very clearly fights right handed (Mitsuru we can't be sure of since he dual wields, but he does hold the longer sword in his right handed which would indicate he's right handed).

I should note that this isn't universally true. In some clips the swords do randomly swap hands. Utena's Super Dios Strike stock footage is always right handed and in many fights where she's fighting right handed they use stock footage of her falling against a desk with the sword in her left hand. But I'm convinced this was an intentional design decision to make Utena fight left handed in every fight after Kanae against a left handed opponent (and even in the Kanae fight she doesn't do much more than a flip into the super strike).

EDIT: I seem to have some trouble uploading my image. It keeps failing saying no image could be uploaded emot-frown

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Re: Something interesting I noticed

Yep, it has been discussed. The thread is here (though the image links are pretty broken):

I've mever heard any discussion of the Black Rose Duelists' handedness, though. I wouldn't necessarily read anything into it, since as you say Keiko breaks the trend, but it's an interesting thought.

BTW, since you're new to rhe community... if you do have any thoughts to add to an old thread, by all means do so. Necroing is encouraged. emot-smile There's a pretty good search functiin if you want to try to find a specific topic.



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