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Black Rosarian
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Re: Favorite books/Books you are currently reading

of the books ive gotten recently, ive only read the first few stories in an anthology called Love in Vein 2, which was edited by poppy z brite, i think, who i loved as an angsty gross teen. unfortunately ive mostly found it to be boring so far. definitely something i would have loved 15 years ago (haha im 30, what a trip to type something like that) buuuuut not so much now. i have a copy of american gods on standby, though, and i hope it ends up being worth the read! its super frigging long...

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Nest Boxer
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Re: Favorite books/Books you are currently reading

I've been listening to A Series of Unfortunate Events in audio book form, as narrated by Tim Curry.

(TIM CURRY. Doing Count Olaf, Esme Squalor, Carmalita Spatz and other zany assorted characters. It's magical.) I'm still gathering my thoughts about the series as a whole, but overall I love many things about the end of The End. I love the resolution of Count Olaf's part in the story. I love how the story goes through with its promise of not being a normal book with a happy ending but you are still taken by surprise every time bad things happen. I love how the repetition of certain themes and events in the story allows you to fill in the gaps of mysteries that are never quite solved. And I love the theme of retaining your nobility in a cruel world, of being 'noble enough'. Can't wait to watch the rest of the Netflix series!



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New Student
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Re: Favorite books/Books you are currently reading

I started reading The Falcon of Palermo,it looks great.........
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Raven Nightshade
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Re: Favorite books/Books you are currently reading

Currently reading Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I finished Interview with the Vampire today, and I'm starting on The Vampire Lestat. I'm so used to relating to the super-intelligent but socially awkward characters like Sailor Mercury or Hermione Granger, and then here comes Louis. He, as a character, really hits home for me on an emotional level and I both love it and hate it.

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Anthy Assailer
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Re: Favorite books/Books you are currently reading

The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea by Yukio Mishima, as suggested by Gio lol

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