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Gougai! Gougai!

GUYS GUYS I JUST UPLOADED THE 1997 UTENA MUSICAL IN HIGH DEFINITION straight from the Japanese Blu-rays! i am now very tired goodnight

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Saionji Slapper
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Favorite Duel Song?

Do you have a favorite duel song?? It's hard for me to pick because there's so many epic and amazing ones. Off the top of my head, though, I'm partial to:

Spira Mirabillis Theater, Miki's first duel, EP 5 -- There's just something almost hypnotic and mesmerizing about this song, it draws you right in. I love it. I'm not even that huge a Miki fan (he's alright, just not my absolute favorite) but I love this song. Part of it is the fondness of the memories I associate with it, as this was actually the first Utena episode I ever watched, and it's really great watching in retrospect, when you catch hints of Anthy's little manipulations that you didn't see before.

Virtual Star Embryology, Saionji's third duel, EP 25 -- Love this one, both because it's a kickass song and because of the association of it with such an emotional and touching moment (Anthy starting to connect with Utena) Also, the association with the imagery of the 2nd ED. I almost view this as Utena and Anthy's epic, surreal love song, moreso than do I make any connection of it to Saonji. etc-love The version that's played in the 2nd ED, too.

Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery, Akio's duel, EP 38 - Pure badass, how could you not love this one. Makes the final duel all the more epic and intense.

That's the main ones, off the top of my head... I also love pretty much all the Black Rose duel songs.



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Delicious Duellist
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Re: Favorite Duel Song?

I have broken my silence because I can't have a Seazer based thread silent.

All of them are my favourite because of course they are. But The National Compatriots Palace Perspective Guidebook is clearly best. Missing Link has some great moving lines. Angelic Creation Namely Light is also all around amazing, and I suspect one of Seazer's favourites too.



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Re: Favorite Duel Song?

There's a hint in my signature school-sherlock



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Re: Favorite Duel Song?

Emerging from the shadows to chime in on this one... as with many it's hard to pick one since they're all great in different ways, but one of my favorites is a bit of an oddball and worth giving some recognition:

"Utopian Past Tense Incantation" from Ep15 - Kozue's Duel. Why? "Ten, two, one, zero... take off!"'s also why I named my backup drive Kozue. Because Apple's backup program is called Time Machine... like in her duel song. emot-biggrin



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Re: Favorite Duel Song?

The bad@$$ guitar at the start of Angelic Creation Namely Light snagged me the first time I watched it. Every time I rewatch the duel, those first riffs(?) just make me think of waves of hatred or fearsome will Juri's radiating toward Utena.

There's one part before Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery starts that is just so epic--that is, the moment when Akio dashes forward with his sword, nearly missing Utena's head. And THEN the song goes. It just... it's the final boss theme.

Missing Link is just heartbreaking. I love how layered it progressively gets toward the end of the song.

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