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Gougai! Gougai!

Brand new site update live now! After the Revolution is now hosted on EM, as is a ton of brand spanking new stuff, artwork, essays, new site sections, doujin, and more. Come celebrate Akio's birthday. ;)

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Mikage Mistruster
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Re: In which I suggest we make our own Discord server

Just gonna pop in say that the discord is fun and bopping and if you're not there then you're missing out =p

Thân em như quả mít trên cây,
Vỏ nó sù sì, múi nó dày.
Quân tử có yêu thì đóng cọc,
Xin đừng mân mó nhựa ra tay. - Hồ Xuân Hương



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