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Wakaba Wrangler
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The Utena anime is one of my favorite works ever

Sometimes I just think about Utena and how seriously in love I am with the show and have been for years now. I think it's honestly one of my favorite works of art ever, if not my favorite -- up there with any book, movie, TV series, etc. I've enjoyed. I think that the TV series is near perfection -- I literally think the only thing I might change about it is to make Utena and Anthy's relationship more overt and physical -- but even then, I'm not sure, because sometimes I think some of the impact of their relationship comes from its subtlety.

I love how it can be interpreted and viewed on so many levels. It makes for an unforgettable and moving coming of age/growing up/loss of innocence story, but also for a story about abuse, feminism, sexual orientation, etc etc etc. Definitely a work of art.

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