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Sunlit Gardener (Finale)
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DAMM, That was shit!

While celebraiting and complemnting good art is important, we must not forget the world is not perfect. There are bad pices of art out there, and to make sure other art dosent do the same, we should see what is the bad art we have seen. Also the place to have RAAAGGGEEE on some shit ass film/show/anime/music/book.

Pixels will forever remain as the worst film I have ever seen, with great messeges like being a loser is cool, the goverment is bad, you chet to win, and if you are a creepy shut in who is obssesed with a fictional charcter, it will become real and love you.

Caste heaven is the worst thing I have ever seen in yaoi, with little attention to detail (ch 1 has a prince, ch 8 has an 8 card), EDGY charcters, shity premise and overall bad excuation. And this is why people will never repspect yaoi and the anime community will still be a shitty place that jokes on yaoi because of shit like this.

The maze runner 2 has the worst ending I have ever seen, makes no sense why anyone listens to the dumb protaginst, but whateve.

I did mention it before, but 13 reasons why will alawys feel to me like a wet dream for suicidal teens, and not a commantery on suicide, which makes me nerd rage when people say its great.

ps dont know if this topic is already a thing, but it is probably dead.

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Rose Bride
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Re: DAMM, That was shit!

I hate Puella Magi Suzune Magica. I'm a pretty big Madoka fan (fun fact, I discovered Utena from a "Top Whatever Anime Like Madoka Magica" post) so it rEAAALLY dissapointed me. The art style looks super generic (not to mention all the characters look like lolis), buildings and other background scenerry is scarcely drawn, and the aforementioned characters are boooring. The plot's generic and everything about it oozes "ughhh."

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