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Gougai! Gougai!

Anime News Network asked Gio & Yasha to write an article about Utena, Empty Movement, and they totally called us superfans, omg. Think of it as a belated Valentine's to Utena, its fandom, and the excellent friendships we've made along the way. 20 Years of Utena Fandom with the Ultimate Superfans!!!

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Mikage Mistruster
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Keeping Up With Ikuhara

Hey so, I've seen some scattered posts about what Ikuhara is doing from time to time.  I thought maybe we could make a singular thread where we post new info, kinda like the "New Utena Stuff" thread.

So most recently it looking like Ikuhara has been storyboard for an idol group's photo book.


Here's Ikuhara's offical twitter:  Chu...

And here's his post about the book:  Chu...
Poor Sod Translation: Aizawa, Risa, and Ayumi square "where the stars shining so brilliantly is 's', is a book filled with wonderful photos. Please check it out! I was allowed to help! #キラキラ   Chu...

Happy Stalking everyone! etc-jurishlick

Usubeni midarete manatsu no yo no yume yume
Tobitatsu kagerou koi kogarerou
Anata wo omoeba yume ni yume ni yume miru
Afureru yorokobi towa ni towa ni



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Rose Bride
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Re: Keeping Up With Ikuhara

I wouldn't be surprised if we get a new major creative project soon since the penguindrum manga finished earlier this year.

im a shadow play girl irl



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