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Mikage Mistruster
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Today is April 2nd 2017, so that makes it 2 decades since Utena aired!

Perhaps a pointless thread, but I just wanted to point out that the thing that this forum is built upon is now officially 20 years old, so how about that? Is there anyone here who's been there since the beginning, or are most of us newcomers like myself?



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Black Rosarian
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Re: Today is April 2nd 2017, so that makes it 2 decades since Utena aired!

As close as can be gotten for someone outside Japan, since I own the original Central Park Media releases, which came out with long gaps from 1999 to 2003. However, my real homecoming to the franchise was when I rewatched it again after many years in 2009.



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Decrescent Daytripper
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Re: Today is April 2nd 2017, so that makes it 2 decades since Utena aired!

The Central Park release of the first boxset was my introduction other than brief mentions in Animerica or such mags. I was  so sold within the first few minutes.

The fansub was already out there, though, and there were .rec or whatever groups, so I imagine we had some anglophone fans, at least, before CPM released the first tapes.

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Raven Nightshade
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Re: Today is April 2nd 2017, so that makes it 2 decades since Utena aired!

I haven't been in it from the beginning, but I am from the pre-CPM era. I had a friend who was a fansub distributor, so I got to watch the first dozen or so episodes on VHS back in 1999 or 2000. When the internet in the dorm went broadband in 2001, I started downloading it on WinMX, Kazaa, Morpheus, etc.

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Ends of the Fandom
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Re: Today is April 2nd 2017, so that makes it 2 decades since Utena aired!

I feel like Utena had been around for a while before I jumped in, but that's not really true as far as I was able to get it--I am from the CPM era. I remember seeing the box set of the first arc and being legit scared of how god awful neon it was. But in retrospect I had bought the box within maybe two or three months of first seeing it, so 1999 is when I jumped in, I think.

After that it was a mess because it was so hard for me to get the rest of the show--I saw it out of order, and I know I spent a long time saying Akio with a hard A, because I'd never heard it spoken and was still new enough to anime to not know the rules of the language yet. emot-rolleyes I also thought Touga raped Utena because someone had suggested it on a newgroup or something. When I finished the series there was a couple weeks where I thought maybe I missed some episodes on my fansubs because I didn't see this event.

And for a while after that I only had serious shit for fansubs, they had to be like 5th gen copies, they were so blurred that when I finally downloaded the LiveEvil digisubs, my mind was blown because I didn't know Akio had his eyes open when he kissed Utena and it was such a dick move. I'm pretty sure that's around when I built the shrine, so I guess I've always been literally garbage as a human being. school-devil

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Re: Today is April 2nd 2017, so that makes it 2 decades since Utena aired!

I've been a fan of Utena since somewhere around 2000, just before the movie was released.  I had a girlfriend who got me into it (I should have stayed with her).  I've had a couple different user names on here but for the love of me I couldn't remember the email addresses or IDs so I just created a new one.  I would drop in from time to time and then slip away.  I suppose I'm an eternal lurker.

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