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Gougai! Gougai!

Anime News Network asked Gio & Yasha to write an article about Utena, Empty Movement, and they totally called us superfans, omg. Think of it as a belated Valentine's to Utena, its fandom, and the excellent friendships we've made along the way. 20 Years of Utena Fandom with the Ultimate Superfans!!!

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Re: What kind of jobs would the characters have?

Kozue: Still living together? What's the deal with you two?
Utena: We're business partners now! You wouldn't believe how beneficial it is to have a wise woman on your side, know in advance which districts will get bigger crime rate or where a new highway will pop up.
Kozue: Hmm. Business partners. Right.
Utena: The best!
Anthy: Ne, Utena-sama. Do you remember how you asked me recently why I returned to my former updo?
Utena: Sure?
Anthy: Isn't it amazing how much the hair can amortize if one were to bang their head against the wall repeatedly.
Kozue: I think I suspect why I was invited. In advance, I'm not in the business of delivering roofies. Much as I sympathize with your position, Himemiya.

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