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Gougai! Gougai!

Anime News Network asked Gio & Yasha to write an article about Utena, Empty Movement, and they totally called us superfans, omg. Think of it as a belated Valentine's to Utena, its fandom, and the excellent friendships we've made along the way. 20 Years of Utena Fandom with the Ultimate Superfans!!!

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Saionji Slapper
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Re: Utena Blu-Ray Release in 2016

Here's a link to the tweet from Nozomi Entertainment about the 2017 release:


And here's the Anime News Network post about that tweet:


Sadly, Nozomi hasn't announced a specific release date yet. The company seems to currently be focusing on its Blu-Ray and DVD releases of many of the Gundam series; hopefully we'll get some updates in the coming months.

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Re: Utena Blu-Ray Release in 2016

Thanks for the links!  The lack of a release date is definitely frustrating... maybe they think they can't disappoint people by missing a release date if they don't set one.  We'll keep our eyes peeled for details, I guess.



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Anthy Assailer
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Re: Utena Blu-Ray Release in 2016

Giovanna wrote:

Arale wrote:

It is, after all, Utena's 20th anniversary!!

oh my god

im old

emot-gonk Me too....  Not really but damn it feels like it.  I'll be 30 this July...

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