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Gougai! Gougai!

Hey I know you have opinions, put them in here! Translation suggestions for episodes 25-39, thanks all for your help!

ALSO!!! After the Revolution is now translated, scanlated, and ready for consumption! Thanks to everyone that's helped out! Ayu, you're awesome. Download here!

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From: is-real
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Guilty Pleasure's...

You know you have them. You are ashamed of them. But here on the internet there is no shame (right...) so here you can tell us all about them school-devil

Also for those who are curious what it means- but I define it as a piece of fiction(book, movie, music etc...), an action, an idea of anything that you are aware that it is bad for you, but still enjoy it despite the knowledge that it is bad for you.

Guilty Pleasure list:

Abunai sisters (yes, I really like it...)

Any sort of sweets out there


online personal quizes

Heavens lost property

Fairy tail

Yaoi manga that has good character dressings but has a bad message (you're view is my love prize, Moon and savage, yachrin bitch club etc...)

Eight crazy nights

and probably more but cant think of more right know

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Juri Jeerer
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Re: Guilty Pleasure's...

Ooo, this is an interesting topic cool
One thing that comes to mind is the old Pokémon anime. I've heard the new season is actually really good (animation-wise), but I haven't seen it (yet? I dunno if I'll watch it). I grew up on everything Pokémon, and I still love the games and that one crazy tie-in manga, but looking back on the anime... it's not all that good. I especially find it funny how Ash went from hotheaded but kind being his only personality trait, to just being generically, shounen-protagonist-y kindhearted.
Even so, I still love the old series. It's dumb, but just good old fun adventure. I gotta marathon the movies sometime.

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Re: Guilty Pleasure's...

Internet horror tourism.

I've seen some shit. emot-gonk

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