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Gougai! Gougai!

Anime News Network asked Gio & Yasha to write an article about Utena, Empty Movement, and they totally called us superfans, omg. Think of it as a belated Valentine's to Utena, its fandom, and the excellent friendships we've made along the way. 20 Years of Utena Fandom with the Ultimate Superfans!!!

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Lyrics to Seazer's Shintokumaru

When I realized that I have access to a translation of the script through my university--the book is The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Drama--I got excited. I thought I'd listen to the soundtrack on youtube... except it didn't match up, and I couldn't even tell which parts did, because there were no track divisions or anything. So I bought an album of it from iTunes Japan... a different album from the one on youtube, but still very different from whatever Carol Sorgenfrei was translating. However, I managed to find the lyrics to two different versions of the song online, and from there I could tell which parts of the song I was listening to and even eventually what the lyrics meant, though I don't have a presentable translation just yet (lots of wordplay in this song, arguably worse/better than Astragalus Earth Backgammon or The Sea Moon Dies in Indigo).
There is still an issue, though... I can't find the lyrics to any other songs on the CD. All I have is Carol Sorgenfrei's translations which are very incomplete compared with these album tracks. I have tried very hard to find them... Any help would be highly appreciated. The sites where I found lyrics to the first song are  Chu... and  Chu.... Also,  Chu....
The tracklist won't show up when I try to copy and paste it, but I'm using the one at  Chu..., disc 1.
I'm afraid I may have just bought an album that I'll never have the lyrics to. I feel like there must be a physical CD or something I can get that would have lyrics, but I don't know which one. In any case, I already paid for this digital CD with no lyrics...



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