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Touga Topper
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Fantastic tumblr Utena recaps

So a while ago I came across some-triangles on tumblr. This enterprising young fellow is doing a detailed write-up of every single Utena episode, right down to the minutiae of symbolism. Of course, as we all know, him included, this is a highly subjective endeavour. But he brings to the table a true passion for the show, a vast knowledge of art and references, and damn hilarious writing.

Find it here:

The latest is a video about Nanami's Egg, as a follow-up to his wonderful Dona Dona video. It's truly worthwhile to read it from the beginning.



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Sunlit Gardener (Prelude)
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Re: Fantastic tumblr Utena recaps

On the first page I say of the tag, there was a link to a playlist called Edgelord and Subaltern that's themed after Akio and Anthy. Count me as sold.

I'd also like to suggest cavedraconem's liveblog in this thread. It pretty much goes in a similar format, but with each post being a separate detail, and a impressively good amount of literary/ Greek mythological analysis.
It's here: , but I'd also suggest looking through the Revolutionary Girl Utena tag, and the protagonism tag as well. There's also a liveblog of Penguindrum that's still ongoing!



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