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Saionji Slapper
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Utena Manga - US re-release 2017

Hey everyone!

I did a quick search and didn't already see a thread on this, so I figured I'd post the news here. Viz Media announced at Anime Expo last weekend that it's planning on re-releasing its English translation of the manga (plus Adolescence) in two, hardcover (!) omnibus volumes next Spring. Sounds like it'll be similar to Viz's release of Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind from 2012 (which looks really pretty from what I've seen online...). You can read about the press release for Utena (as well as other manga releases) below: … po/.104121

Having never owned the manga, I'm looking forward to this! Hopefully Nozomi's supposed blu-ray release of the anime will come out within the next year as well - though there's been no news on that since 2015's Anime Expo from what I've seen. Time to start saving emot-smile

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Mikage Mistruster
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Re: Utena Manga - US re-release 2017


I was just looking for the old set. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!!!



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Miki Molester
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Re: Utena Manga - US re-release 2017

This is so cool and I am super excited about color pages!
Also according to the link posted it mentions Rurouni Kenshin 3 in 1 omnibus editions. Does anyone know if this is a re-release of the previous omnibi editions? Or is it a continuation of where the previous omnibi left off? I think omnibus volume 6 was the furthest in the series I could find in stores for a while.



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Mikage Mistruster
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Re: Utena Manga - US re-release 2017

Thank you, based Viz Media. I'll finally be able to own the manga now without paying reseller prices!




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Qualified Duellist
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Re: Utena Manga - US re-release 2017

Some of the best news I've had in a while. I never got around to reading the manga and am most definitely looking forward to getting it now.



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Belladonna Buster
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Re: Utena Manga - US re-release 2017

Fruits Basket... The Utena Blu Rays... And now this. My poor poor bank account.

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Sunlit Gardener (Prelude)
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Re: Utena Manga - US re-release 2017

Huh. The manga based off of the movie doesn't really fit there since the manga is more of its own story while the movie manga is kinda just an adaptation with all the good stuff removed. Still, might as well throw it in.

I already own all the manga, but I'm glad that this will exist.

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Ohtori Paramouri
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Re: Utena Manga - US re-release 2017

Flah wrote:

Fruits Basket... The Utena Blu Rays... And now this. My poor poor bank account.

Did we ever get any news on the blu-rays beyond the fact that they're happening?

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New Student
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Re: Utena Manga - US re-release 2017

Sweet! I got into the series at the perfect time then. I checked out the prices of the current manga, and most of them were used but the few I could find on eBay were 50 dollars or so for a single issue. emot-rolleyes



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