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Qualified Duellist
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First time rewatching the movie

I am about to rewatch Adolescence, it has been ages since I first watched it, and would like to know if any of you good folk have any ideas about what I should pay more attention to or perhaps be on the lookout for. I figured it would make the rewatch experience even more fun if I had some pointers from dedicated fans. school-chef



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Miki Molester
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Re: First time rewatching the movie

Maybe this is just me, but when I first watched it I thought Utena and Shiori were the only ones who turned into cars, upon second viewing I realized that wasn't so. Also I think a good thing to focus on is the parallels between Utena and Shiori- they both considered Touga their price but he influences them differently. I need to rewatch the movie myself... still not quite sure if I understand everything.

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Anthy Assailer
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Re: First time rewatching the movie

my biggest surprise upon rewatching was Kozue's murder emot-gonk somehow my mind completely forgot about that



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Black Rosarian
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Re: First time rewatching the movie

If you are interested in an in-depth deconstruction of the movie in a hopefully easily readable and digestible form, I invite you to read my four analyses that examine the movie in a Q&A-style format by examining its four major characters:

Anthy, and

(Best read in this order.)

I hope you will find them interesting and useful. emot-smile

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Re: First time rewatching the movie

Aelanie thanks for sharing those links! I will check them out in length, soon.

I just rewatched the movie, here are my second impressions:

Things that I had forgotten:

*Shiori as a car has frills on the driver's seat and steering wheel.

*How Shiori seems to get little to no chance of redemption.

*Juri is overtly called a prince by both Wakaba, who says all the girls see her as one, and by Shiori who claims to be punishing Juri by forcing her into the prince role- which leads to some interesting considerations on how being a prince can be a curse.

*The almost violent way Juri snatches the sword from Shiori.

*That we actually see part of the drowning scene- and I almost wish we hadn't. I am sure it is possible to drown on very calm water and not too far from the shore but I cannot help but find it unlikely (I was braving the crazy Atlantic ocean at the age of six so I may be bias on this) unless someone simply cannot swim, at which point one should not board a rowing boat, all alone. But then again that may add to the tragedy of it all, how utterly unnecessary Touga's death was. It happened in such a mundane setting, too. A lackluster sacrifice in which the hero's very identity is forgotten, is also starkly realistic.

*Anthy seeing Utena as Dios- or what passes for Dios, in this universe- during the duel with Juri.

*The trippy alligator critter that apppears with Chu-Chu in the Nanami-cow scene. It is also the same critter that Shiori drew on Touga's back and the Shadow Girls also make a mention of scribbling on your boyfrend's back.

*The second car flip. The first one is of course impossible to forget but I had entirely forgotten that it happens a second time around.

*Kanae! Poor girl, I did not recall her being in the movie, at all, but she does appear, albeit very briefly.

*Dios, or what passes for Dios, collapsing on the floor like an unstrung puppet when the villagers riot.

*Anthy's hair resembles the crown she used to wear to signal her status.

Things that I misremembered:

*I was under the impression that the grave on campus was Touga's and not Akio's. 

*Utena's hair. I remember its going from boy short to long and flowy but I thought the transition happened when the cap got knocked off and not when she took Anthy's sword.

*Utena's ring. I did remember its appearing from a rose but thought Anthy had planned it but later she seems genuinely surprised to see that Utena has it.



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