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How to Learn Music (?)

Bass Guitar, specifically.

Anyone have any tips on just getting started?

I have absolutely no aspirations of being a great musician, or even a great bass player. I'm not even really shooting for good. All I'd like to do is end up getting to a level where I can pick a song or three that I like, find the tabs for them, and then play the bass line passably well after a bit of practice. I bought an overpriced bass ages ago, and have never touched it. I finally have a few free months with nothing to do though, and this is probably the best chance I'll ever get to seriously take this project on.

I know a few places where I can pick up music lessons... and am sure that would help a lot. But (the ones I found, at least) are crazy expensive. The teachers seem qualified and then some but, like I said, I have no professional aspirations or anything.

My current plan is probably to get like 3 or 4 lessons to just make sure I have the basic-basics down correctly (because working from misconceptions is a terrible plan). But after that, I'm probably looking at doing it on my own.

Any tips from experience or otherwise?

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Re: How to Learn Music (?)

The problem with playing decent is that you do have to practice, you do have to go over the same motions repetitively.

But, since you don't have a deadline, you can afford to goof off with it too, yeah? Don't make it a chore. Practice one or two things seriously, yes, but after awhile, take a break and just be silly too. You can discover great sounds just messing around. And, plus, it'll loosen your fingers up some from the more formal basic exercises.

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