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BBC article about Keiko Takemiya and her explicit manga

BBC article about Keiko Takemiya and her explicit manga:



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Re: BBC article about Keiko Takemiya and her explicit manga

That's really interesting. I would've liked them to split hairs more on things like "explicit," because that's a word that really needs context, not to be defined in our individual heads, but I like that it tackled, a bit, this idea that that movement of women in manga, such as it was, just happened. Clearly, it didn't.

It's, I think, easier to forget how messed up post-War Japan was, socially and privately, compared to maybe how we think of post-War Germany, etc, but that 70s revolution in opening up channels to communicate traumas and what were, in many ways, internationally legislated repression, is such a remarkable thing. How much Heinlein and Hesse reprints were a part of that is something I would love to see explored, to, by someone (it'd be a lot of work), but as the article sort of touches on, digging into Japan's own history reveals how fast and harsh the repression during the first half of the Twentieth Century was.

And, she's such an amazing mangaka.


Completely separate from that, am I the only one who wishes that "Godfather of Manga" euphemism never happened, so we also wouldn't get articles like this one? God! Not, godfather, or godmother, which don't even largely exist in Japan!

Drives me nuttier than it should.

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