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Saionji Slapper
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Halloween-themed Haiku fun

Hi guys!

Our favourite holiday of the year is coming, and someone on Reddit opened up a thread I thought was lotta fun.
Since we're all creative minds here at IRG, I thought why not open one at this forum.
Game is simple, just write a Halloween-themed haiku and share with us! Remember, the rules are simple: 3 verses, 5/7/5 syllables each, usually containing a seasonal reference. And don't go easy on 'rosy' references!

Since I'm the OP, let me start with mine, same one I wrote on reddit.

"Murasaki ink
Rich hue in my cheap paper
On November's Eve."

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World's End
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Re: Halloween-themed Haiku fun

Candy tastes like Ricola.
On to the next house

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