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Juri Jeerer
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What are your favorite villain or villainess/hero or heroine pairings

From any media example.  Mine would be Hannibal/Clarice and Hannibal/Will, Freddy Kreuger/Nancy, Joker/Batman, Aizen or Ulquiorra/Orihime or Ichigo, Dark Ichigo/Ichigo from Bleach, Crowley/Dean and Lucifer/Sam from Supernatural



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World's End
From: Cloud Nine
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Re: What are your favorite villain or villainess/hero or heroine pairings

My top three:

3. Hippo/Yuuri from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

If their story didn't make you cry then you have no soul. emot-frown

2.  Pai/Lettuce from Tokyo Mew Mew

I know Lettuce likes Ryou but there's a difference between a crush and love. She's very sympathetic to him and [cried when he sacrificed himself for her].

1. Hao/Anna from Shaman King

This is just hot, hot, HOT!! Unlike Yoh, Hao would not be whipped by Anna and both of them are empaths.

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