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World's End
From: Cloud Nine
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Atypical Gender Hobby Preferences

Ever like/dislike something that most people of your gender don't?  How did it make you feel?  For instance,  I am a woman who is bored to tears by shopping unless it's for books and I'm kind of reluctant to admit it because my girlfriends were so shocked when I first told them.

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Yaoi Pet #1
From: Sacramento, CA
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Re: Atypical Gender Hobby Preferences

I hate American football. I do like some other sports, but I just can't stand football. It's so boring.

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no, definitely no cons
From: New Orleans, Louisiana
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Re: Atypical Gender Hobby Preferences

I like this one weird shoujo anime where the main characters are both girls and everything has roses splattered all over it. It's kind of the center of my social life.



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A Whole Orange
From: Poland
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Re: Atypical Gender Hobby Preferences

^ emot-rofl emot-rofl

Girlish hobby I cannot have: Beauty products.

The longest conversation I had about beauty product was:
- I need an eyeliner. I want something long-lasting than costs less than X. Any tips?
Friends suggest me three products. I ask them are they liquid or not. I write down the name of one of them.

THE END. I don't know how to talk about beauty products. I know what I want, I look up online the forums, I read what I find and buy that thing. Then I use it. When it ends, I buy the same product, unless I hated it. I don't recall wanting to talk about it. I am completely indifferent to make-up trends.

Buying beauty products is as thrilling to me as going to the post office.

On the other hand, I like colorful and glimmering stuff, so we can talk about angora, jaquard, sequins and floral patterns. And fav colors. And look! I have lotus-like earrings. For about 30 minutes. Then I quietly look at them and am suspiciously happy because it sparkles. I prefer shopping online than offline, because I get overwhelmed by the number of stuff there, so I usually skim lookbooks online and then go shopping. Still, I enjoy more looking at pretty fashion pics than shopping.

Boyish hobby I have: I like science-fiction, I play Pokemon every time I'm stressed and I spent most of my childhood playing RPG.



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Decrescent Daytripper
Best Disney Princess
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Re: Atypical Gender Hobby Preferences

I love light romance novels. Serious love, frequently indulged in while curled up in a big chair, drinking hot chocolate.

My Brain is the Wakaba and Shiori Funtime Hour. With limited commercial interruption.



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Electric Apocalypse
From: Planet Uranus
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Re: Atypical Gender Hobby Preferences

I'm a female bodied who identifies as genderqueer which means I'm neither man nor woman

my hobbies are the follow

Takarazuka theatre: made by women for women 90% of the fanbase and audience is female, lots of lots of fluffy epic romances and sparkles and feathers

Formula one: I just adore motor sports and especially F1 I'm watching every race since 1998(?) very masculine fanbase

I learn the el. guitar: I find musical instruments to be totally unisex, but there is a trend that "el. guitar is for boysss" emot-mad

write and read fanfiction: lol that one is like 120% female activity AHAHAHAH

I play V-games: again I believe it's a unisex sport but there is the trend as well that "v-games are for boyssss" emot-mad




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Re: Atypical Gender Hobby Preferences

Bushcraft and Survival!



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Troublesome Insect
From: under the dogstar sail
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Re: Atypical Gender Hobby Preferences

I am female and I don't like shoes much. THE HORROR!!! According to girl mags I shouldn't exit!

I can find a shoe pretty to look at, but not to the point of having to have it. I have shoes for most occasions already, and I feel the urge to buy more when my own get ruined or when a special enough occasion appears.
(Of course when I'm drunk I want all those pretty cheap pumps on ebay that look so good on pretty asian models, but that's a different story).

I also find shopping tedious most of the time, especially for jeans. Ugh. Constantly pulling pairs on and off in cramped dressing rooms...

I like video games a lot, but that's not uncommon anymore. It was when I was a kid though, only other gamers I knew were boys, and older than me. It's where I got my passion for fine RPG's.
I also play MOBA, where it's still a good idea not to let anyone know you're female, unfortunately.



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Eternal Castellan
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Re: Atypical Gender Hobby Preferences

Good one conversation topic. I might as well "out" myself as male. emot-smile I like romance manga. I love arts and crafts especially sewing and jewelry making. I'm also a big Winx Club fan.



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From: Poland
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Re: Atypical Gender Hobby Preferences

I'm female and ridiculously typical in terms of gender (which I'm very glad about since girly things seem much more fun to me). I am addicted to fanfiction (especially M/M slash!), fanvids and all things fandom. I love waisting time on numerous forums, I enjoy singing and horse riding. I'm quite apt with new languages. The list goes on.
What doesn't quite fit is my interest in science and especially physics, few other things.

a lot of hope in one man tent



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