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Re: Animation in general

Hey Arnold! also shifts in tone as the series progresses.  The earlier episodes are like urban fairytales, with each one focusing on a particular bit of urban lore about a place or one of the kids, and are more atmospheric.  Later episodes are more about the characters themselves, and lose a bit of that mysticism.  The show explores not just the kids, but their families too, so it is still very much a show about stories, it just appears to become more "realistic" as the subjects age.

And if you are still on the fence about Steven Universe, Mocha, it's WAY more Bee and Puppycat than it is Adventure Time.  I think it's Rebbecca Sugar who created Steven Universe (first female head on a cartoon newtwork program wat wat) and she has more in common story and style-wise with Natasha Allegri than Pendleton.  I hate to say that her work is richer, because I do love Adventure Time, but it was always episodes with her influence or writing that made me emotionally invested in the show.

No please watch Giant Woman, Steven the Sword Fighter or Too Many Birthdays imma cry. T.T

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Re: Animation in general

Thanks for all the feedback on the shows, guys. And talk about the movie not being a good test for it, I was just getting into HA way back then when I watched the movie, and it was what turned me off the show. D:



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