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Some musings on "bro" solidarity

I always get the sense that the edifice of corporatized masculinity is like a house of cards that's constantly in danger of collapsing in on itself. It's counterintuitive that a subculture that values aggression and anti-intellectualism would be able to maintain any sort of organization beyond the level of the family without outside help, and the massive amount of money that goes into maintaining the bread and circuses system necessary to maintain this mythology reflects this.

There's a passage from the Tao Te Ching, which can be translated as: "When there is no peace in the family, there arises filial piety and paternal kindness." One interpretation that's relevant to this is that the creation of a large set of rules to govern and influence social interaction reflects a fundamental instability in the larger society. An obvious metaphor would be a man with weak bones who is implanted with iron bars to enable him to walk. These might reinforce isolated parts of his skeleton, but the iron bars can not serve the manifold functions of bone (replacing blood, creating new tissue from stem cells, growing and adapting to fluctuations in bodily activity, etc.).

And indeed, without the sense of organization handed down by the education/entertainment complex, without the artificial sense of self-respect engendered by New-Deal style "administrative" work and "leadership" positions, without the police to deter them from destroying themselves and their environment, I think that the vast majority of males would either be "lost at sea" or forced to learn some extremely painful, even fatal, lessons. I don't think that that's necessarily a "bad" thing, although my constitutional lack of empathy may skew my perspective somewhat. I do, however, think that the collapse of the edifice would lead to change, to a society that is unrecognizable to many.

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Re: Some musings on "bro" solidarity

I don't know, I can't really get behind gender essentialism like that, to any real degree. Especially if we're talking globally.

I am more than a little wary of people who take "man card" "membership in the woman club" style masculinity or femininity all that seriously or treat it as life or death qualification. People who, broadly speaking, think self-IDing as "incel" comes off well, or that "cis" is somehow an insult, those who use "cis" as an insult, people with something gendered that they need to prove.

When I was last in the States, the school I worked for paid for students to attend pick up artist and MRA conferences and tried to press us to credit attendance as "research." Most of the guys who'd go were feeling a mix of elitism and the world failing to recognize their elite status, genuinely worried someone would revoke their man card, go after their nuts, whatever lame synecdoche you want to go with. But that's not "men" in general, and I doubt it's really biologically necessary, anyway. It's just some bullshit certain cultures have fostered, because it has side benefits, mostly in those who fall in with it heavily being really easy to exploit commercially or to press into service.

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