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World's End
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Good (harmless) pranks

Have you ever pulled a good prank on someone or do you have a good idea for one? Share it with us.

Once I scared my dad with a huge rubber roach on the handle of the milk jug. Another time I left a pregnancy test for my mom to see on purpose in the bathroom.

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Phoenix Down
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Re: Good (harmless) pranks

My cousin was in the navy and was in nuclear-powered submarines. He told me this story:

"So it's the end of the cruise and the boat's* tied up in the harbor. It's the XO's last night sleeping on the boat before he goes ashore and gets promoted to Captain and gets his own boat. While he's sleeping, two enlisted nukes go suit up in the bright yellow radiation protective suits with the forced-air breathing masks and grab some radiac probes. They kick open the door to the XO's stateroom and just waltz in, waving the radiacs around like they're measuring contamination. The XO hears this, obviously, and wakes up. One of the techs sees him wake up and grabs the other by the arm and says:


(* Submarines are called boats, not ships.)

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