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Rose Smilee
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[Game] Silly Situations?

So I came up with this idea watching the superbowl (yeah, yeah, I watch sports sometimes)

Lets pose some situations, then debate what the Utena cast would do/where they would be in them. Has thi been done yet?

I'll start.

Superbowl SKU!
The students and faculty of Ohtori have to put together a football team! Where is everyone, what position do they play?

If we open it up to the elephants, i know who the linebackers would be.....

I want to make Utena the quarterback, but I don't think anyone would listen to her, unless the game takes place at the end of the series?



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no, definitely no cons
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Re: [Game] Silly Situations?

The Ohtori Phoenixes would have trouble getting off the ground as a football team, I think emot-biggrin  Not a person on that campus has the right body type for it.  But if I had to pick...

I would actually want Utena as my center -- we need someone eager to join the fray and motivated to protect.  The quarterback, I'm afraid, has to be Akio -- he calls the plays and people generally do what he wants.  Saionji belongs at halfback, where he can trample his foes as he carries the ball across enemy lines.  My other running back would be Mikage, for when a little more finesse is required to get across the line.  Juri strikes me as a versatile player, with strength, situational awareness, coordination, and agility, so I want her at tight end and I expect to use her.  As a known catcher, Touga has to be a wide receiver, and so does Nanami, because she will go to extraordinary lengths to get her hands on what she wants.  Tsuwabuki needs to be at left tackle, because he's invincible, and I'd fill out the offensive line with Ruka because he's big, Kozue because she's vicious, and Keiko because she has something to prove.  I want Wakaba as kicker so that she gets to be the center of attention once in a while.  And A-ko, B-ko, and C-ko are wearing stripes. emot-biggrin

Anthy?  Anthy is team manager.

All right, so what about Horror Movie SKU?  We will need, at a minimum, two teenagers who get killed while making out in a car; a skeptic who gets killed in the middle of declaring that e doesn't believe in ghosts; someone strong who the monster kills in order to show the audience how threatening it is; someone sensitive to psychic energy who can channel spirits, explain why the monster is attacking, and probably die in the process; an innocent who will either survive or be impregnated by Satan; and the monster itself, possibly with co-monsters.  Add to the list as you like. emot-biggrin



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