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2012 Fanfiction Seinen Kakumei Utena - The Encyclopedia

First off, I want to again thank Satyreyes for allowing me to open this thread solely to post the Events Summary, the FAQ’s, the Character Files and such for Seinen Kakumei Utena in a neat, orderly stack.  This is necessary for a long, multi-part fanfiction like Seinen due to the sheer complexity of its story - which, being unfinished still, will leave inquisitive readers with many yet unanswered questions.  I would’ve put this in my own blogspot, but it seems like the posts there do not have the “time stamp” function that this forum’s posts have; thus why the need for this Encyclopedia Thread here at In the Rose Garden – which truly is the coolest place for Utena fans to hang out online.

A lot of potential Utena fanfic ideas will be revealed in the detailed plot summaries and other posts below.  If other fic writers want to borrow the ideas they come across here, they can (I’ll feel honored, really); I ask only that they reference where the idea(s) come from in their author’s notes.

Please do not post in this thread (as only a succession of Detailed Summaries, FAQ’s, Character Files, and such should be posted here), but rather, direct all you comments to the actual Seinen Kakumei Utena Fanfic Thread at:

Thank you for your interest in Seinen Kakumen Utena; I hope you will find answers to all your questions here.

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: 2012 Fanfiction Seinen Kakumei Utena - The Encyclopedia

Seinen Kakumei Utena: Backstory Events Summary – Past till Part One - Version 1.0

Below is a detailed, spoiler-filled summary of major events in the backstory of Seinen Kakumei Utena, arranged in easy to understand chronological order, with all the major “mysteries” throughout the backstory explained in hair-fine detail. 

A lot of potential Utena fanfic ideas will be revealed in the detailed plot summaries and other posts below.  If other fic writers want to borrow the ideas they have come across here, they are welcome to (I’ll feel honored, really); I ask only that they cite where the idea(s) came from in their author’s notes.

Note:   I thank Alan Harnum for coming up with first names for Ohtori’s real chairman (Tsukiichi), Mrs. Ohtori (Hoshimi), and Professor Nemuro (Chirikazu), in his undying classic Jaquemart: those are the names I’m going to use for the characters in Seinen Kakumei Utena.

Highlight spoiler text to read.

1)    Once upon a time, Anthy was killed by the angry Million-People Mob (see series), and in my story Dios then killed the Million, which made him “Fallen Prince/Ends of the World” and those Million’s hate-filled emotions “Swords of Hate”.  The power of the Light of the World, also called the Power of Dios, was what had transferred from Dios to Anthy during Dios' fall and Anthy's sacrifice (thus why in the series, the shadow girls says the Witch steals away the Light of the World, and why Anthy is the one behind the Rose Gates - the Power of Dios slumbered within the Rose Bride all along; the reason Anthy cannot control/use much of it in the series is because of the swords - and this is the problem Utena now faces in Seinen Kakumei).
(All the duelists shown in Part 2 of Seinen Kakumei have been "baptized" by the Light of The World by Anthy, which allowed the group to easily draw out their soul swords/inner strengths and change their physical selves freely into other “forms of expression” -like Seinen Mikage, going from a car, a piano to a robot - as is needed for the occasion. The Light also allows' the Duelists' eyes to easily see through the world’s illusions, thus how they will from now on see the Invisible People (Mawaru-Penguindrum, from here on referred to as MP, element) in real form: looking like toilet door men/women symbols)

2)    20 something years before Revolution, Professor Nemuro’s research in Eternity (a thinly veiled attempt at creating a human broiler to fuel Himemiya Akio and Anthy’s purposes) began.  It seemed like the Ohtori family is controlling it, but Akio had already controlled the family then.  
3)    Ohtori Hoshim (later Mrs. Ohtori; born an Ohtori heiress in my story, with Mr. Ohtori marrying her into the family) in her younger days pre-marriage (13-14 ish, before knowing Akio (too well), was a demure little lady-in-the-making, who enjoyed an innocent but close friendship with Chida Mamiya; she knew Tokiko and Nemuro.
4)    Tsukiichi  (later Chairman Ohtori), was a top brain among the 100 Black Rose Boys.  He came up with the Fate Train (MP element here) Theorem – supposing that people’s fate are as “trains” upon which they are passengers, and that by ‘transferring trains’ people could supposedly take on another fate while leaving their original destiny behind – that was subtopic under research on Eternity, even though the Akio-contracted boys keep its details secret from even Mikage and Tokiko.  He was the one who came up with the mechanism to extract penguindrum (human life essence) from people to be used as power for Akio.
5)     Mamiya saw how the Black Rose Boys were all being ungrateful to Nemuro’s contributions to the research.
[quote series here:
boy:  The road to the duel arena is now open.
boy:  At last, that is about to begin.
boy:  And now, Professor Nemuro's duty is finished.
boy:  From now on, carrying on without him is probably what you-know-who plans on.
boy:  Surely even he'll lose to someone.
boy:  We can just leave him by the wayside.
boy:  Well then, let's open the champagne.]
Seeing Nemuro uncaring towards the Black Rose Boys’ uncalled-for malevolence towards him, Mamiya’s boyish hotblooded-ness got drawn out, thus why the following scene:
[quote series here:
Mamiya:  How selfish they are.
Mamiya:  They owe it to you that the castle appeared and the road to the arena opened, right?
Mamiya:  They're all afraid of you.
Mamiya:  They think you may be capable of obtaining eternity.
Nemuro:  I'm not going to do anything like dueling.
Mamiya:  Why not? Aren't you thinking you want the power to revolutionize the world for your very own?
Mamiya:  Knowing eternity exists in that castle?
Mamiya:  For years, decades, centuries, millennia, eons, and on and on.
Mamiya:  My life may be just a moment, but...
Mamiya:  Eternity means that this moment lasts billions of billions of years, without end.
Mamiya:  I... I...
Mamiya:  I want eternity. ]

6)    Akio showed Tsukiichi the fine print of their contract, saying that the only way the boy could be spared from becoming fuel to the research himself is to show progress in developing his Fate Train (device to lure humans into giving up their penguindrum/life force for a chance of changing fate in my story) Theorem.  Tsukiichi came up with a method to materialize the Fate Train, if only just for a moment (which requires an actual person eager to exchange fate with another, to save the latter), thus how he got to exchange out of the program prior Nemuro’s fire with an inferior-intellect candidate (kind of like he did a fate exchange of his own, symbolically) just in time before the Black Rose Boys are to be sacrificed for Akio.
7)    Mamiya slipped into Black Rose Boys’ research lab, and found out the plan of the boys (now having taken over Tsukiichi’s Fate Train Research) to make Tokiko (eager to save Mamiya) the human sacrifice to jumpstart the Fate Train project.(fate to live on healthy VS fate to die from terminal illness soon); Tokiko, wooed by Akio and racing against time to save her brother, had already signed contract with Akio signing away her own life, and would be sacrificed soon (even though she was told nothing yet about the details of the Fate Train project).  Caught by the Black Rose Boys, Mamiya instead offered himself up to the Black Rose Boys to be the human sacrifice for the Fate Train Exchange (fate to live on without having penguindrum taken away  VS fate to have penguindrum taken away and become nothing/invisible).
8)    The Black Rose Boys forced out Mamiya’s penguindrum (thus turning him an “Invisible Person ala penguindrum “toilet gender sign people” that looked normal to ordinary people”) that ended up making Mamiya’s weak body give out and die too ( thus making him an Invisible Soul ala shadow girls).  Nemuro caught them at the very end thinking they murdered Mamiya.  [color=white]Nemuro then set fire that burned down the building.  Anthy, chancing upon the event, immediately absorbed Mamiya’s Invisible Soul so she can generate a fusion character Mamiya (the one we see in TV Series, where Anthy’s will is overpowering, but real-Mamiya’s will take over the form in moments when Anthy’s will weakened) to control Nemuro with.  Even though Anthy “enslaved” Mamiya, she also allowed for Mamiya to hang onto his precious memories with their fusion – otherwise he’d soon become as mindless as Shadow Girls (a danger that K&S-taro faces in Part 4 of Seinen Kakumei, and the reason why Tokiko has little ill will towards Anthy in Seinen Kakumei).  Tokiko, coming to the scene of Nemuro’s arson, slapped the mad professor and left him (Nemuro, whose memories are jumbled by Anthy-Mamiya, now thought Mamiya was the one to set the fire, and explained nothing to Tokiko but to say the sacrifice is needed).
9)    Akio then used his Power of Reversal (it’s a power to reset things to a previous state) to turn Nemuro into the teenager Mikage Souji.  Burned building was rebuilt into Nemuro Hall – the prototype Human Broiler (PM element).
10)    By the time Tokiko got home, she found Mamiya dead in his bed (she sees his body as Invisible People real form since she had been intimate with Akio, thus has absorbed some of his powers).  Outraged, she tried going back to demand explanations from Akio, but was told she was fired from her job and banned from entering Ohtori.  To the outside world, her brother simply died from illness so there’s no legal action she could take. (It will take Tokiko years to get more scraps of info from people associated with Ohtori who knew of the Black Rose Boys’ research; all the while, she was also powering-up herself by doing her own studies of witchcraft/powers, waiting for the day where she was to face Akio once more.)     
11)    19 years before Revolution,  Ohtori Hoshimi was ordered by parents (who were controlled by Akio) to marry Tsukiichi (while she still was mourning Mamiya), thus making the young man the offical Chairman (Akio always liked to puppeteer a false figure of power from behind the scenes, so his own agelessness would not get noticed by people outside his circle for power; this way, he could also disappear easier when the need to change settings for his power-seeking games was to arise).   After Hoshimi was pregnant with Kanae, Akio revealed to her (a skewered version of) the truth behind the death of Mamiya (her soulmate), and that Tsukiichi was the one behind the Fate Train project (thus equates to being Mamiya’s ruiner); all the duty she felt she owe to Tsukiichi, all the love she would’ve had for the child she was carrying (Kanae) was thus destroyed.  Hoshimi fell into an adulterous relationship with Akio, and became his biggest help in continuously securing control over the powerfully wealthy Ohtori Clan; especially Tsukiichi, who was continuously pressured into finding ways to better harness the Fate Train.
(Hoshimi, who had also absorbed some of Akio’s powers, is the “Main Akio Car” in the series; driving her, Akio took the Duelists on rides towards the Ends of the World.)
12)    Child Broiler (MP element) set up  outside Ohtori to gather more human fuel for Akio.  The technology of mass-processing human souls still were primitive then, and the number of children still was not as large as it did later on, so the fuel extracted remained limited in quantity and quality – not enough to make a big difference. Thus why Akio had to keep on searching for noble souls to start the duelling game, to open the Rose Gates so he could regain Power of Dios (which slumbered in sword-debilitated Anthy).
13)    10 years before Revolution, Touga and Nanami got sent to Kiryuu Household.
(quote from series:
Touga:  Yes. Nanami and I were both sent to the current Kiryuu residence.
Touga:  It was when Nanami was still a baby. (I took “baby” as young enough to not remember, or Mr. Kiryuu would be even sicker than he already is in the movie))
(quote from Enokido, writer of Utena series … ido-youji/
And Touga accepted in silence the sexual abuse from his new parents. His personality changed while he made a magnanimous show of enjoying the abuses in order to prevent his personality from splitting.
So what did Touga gain in exchange at that point in time? It was the sense of alienation from being abused every night and seeing his innocent friend and sister during the day.
In the TV series, Saionji always felt that he was one step behind Touga. Although the two are more or less equal in terms of ability, what Saionji lacked was that sense of alienation.)

14)    7 years before Revolution, Touga met Saionji, whose family’s business was reliant upon by the powerful, wealthy Kiryuus.  In Seinen, Saionji was under domestic violence from his violent father.  The boys, who knew a little (but not the full extent) about the abuses the other suffer, became kindred spirits/close friends.
15)    6 years before Revolution, Chairman Tsukiichi Ohtori came up with an experiment to better harness the Fate Train – by having the Terrorist Organization “Kiga” (from MP), funded by the Ohtori Clan and headed by Akio’s pawn Watase Sanetoshi (MP char), execute an attack on a crowded subway train; Tsukiichi had speculated that in the chaos, multiple penguindrums could be extracted from the victims, and that might gather enough power to seize and control the Fate Train. MP characters Takakura Kanba and Shouma (and Oginome Ringo) were born on the same day that the Terrorist Attack Incident happened (MP canon). In Seinen, Utena’s parents died from the Terrorist Attack.  Akio was there at the attacked train trying to spot a noble enough soul likely trying to counter the attack.  He found one in Oginome Momoka (MP char), but then saw her erased off the world/split in two from battling Sanetoshi - thus why Akio allowed Sanetoshi too to get erased/split in two as punishment. 
16)    Checking through the victims/survivors in Dios guise looking for noble souls,
Akio found Utena, who physically resembled Momoka enough to catch his eye.  Following the girl towards her parents’ pre-funeral, he placed another coffin there, and watched from where he hid Utena retreateing into it on her own (just like he knew she would). Touga and Saionji too appeared just like in the series. After the boys left, “Dios” got Utena to exit her coffin, and caught Touga coming back to see what happened; “Dios” taught Touga to take credit for it in front of Saionji.  Touga, already eager for power since power is what he thought could stop the sex abuse and keep Nanami safe for good, acted and took credit for Utena’s recovery in front of Saionji; Saionji was enraged by the notion that fellow victim Touga appeared to be one step before him, and he got left behind alone in his victimhood; their friendship thus turned twisted.
17)    Even at the cost of a terrrorist attack that ended up killing many (and costing the Ohtori Clan vast sums to cover up their connection), Chairman Tsukiichi Ohtori still cannot control the Fate Train for Akio.  Akio punished the man by taking out his  penguindrum, which rendered him bedridden (and “invisible”);
Chairman Ohtori, along with many of the Ohtori clan that signed contracts with Akio, turned into the “Random Red Cars” that drove around the Arena during duels, distracting the Duelists as per Akio’s will.
18)    Year of the Revolution. Touga, at this point in his life, hated the word “friends”, since Mr. Kiryuu’s friends (business associates, really) made him their plaything too. In Eps 11, 12, Touga betted everything on the power of Dios’ Rose Bride that he hope would lead him to Revolution (thus escaping the rapes and keeping Nanami protected.  When he still lost in Ep 12, all hope of leaving his personal hell felt lost to him.  Afterwards Mr. Kiyruu ordered him to return home to film a beastality video, and Touga returned to Ohtori in the catatonic state he remained in throughout the Black Rose Saga.
19)    Tokiko, now a powerful “witch” through years of learning about controlling supernatural powers, returned to Ohtori (its defenses no longer could stop her) to find out what happened to her brother and to settle the score with Akio.  She found out what happened, but could not defeat Akio, who had Anthy’s help - fighting Anthy would result in her hurting Mamiya - and had to leave again
(Tokiko, who Akio bedded, had not aged from that time since.  Then married to a wealthy husband, she had to wear special age-inducing makeup and old-seeming fashion - like her appearance at the Planetarium in the series – in front of other people to fool the outside world that she was somewhat aging.  Her then husband, a wealthy but shallow man who gradually found out about her peculiar agelessness, childlessness, and displays of supernatural powers, lived in fear of her - to the point that he used her trop to Ohtori as opportunity to flee, even at the cost of leaving her much of his huge fortune.)
20)    Mikage dueled Utena (series canon), and was defeated from hearing real-Mamiya’s voice (whom Anthy allowed out).
21)     Mikage was graduated into the real world – but not before Anthy, out of pity to him, put him through the Light of the World that sent him right to Tokiko.  Mikage had sustained heavy emotional damage from Ohtori and ended up autistic; he can, however, express himself as various objects (cars being among them) due to the Light.
22)    Soon after Anthy left the Planetarium (at which Akio commented about how Mikage never existed), Mamiya’s Invisible Soul got stolen from the melancholy-distracted Rose Bride by
Mrs. Hoshimi Ohtori (now a powerful, ageless witch having learned much from being with Akio), who hid him into her own heart (keeping him from fading into mindless Shadow Girl lite) without Akio’s knowledge.  She had been waiting for this opportunity for ages, and had been helping Akio all along in hopes that the Power of Dios might help save Mamiya  by giving him a real, functional body.
23)    After the Black Rose Saga, Akio showed Touga the Power of Revolution, thus reviving him by giving him renewed hope that he can escape the powerful Mr. Kiryuu through Revolution.

24)     Ep 32, Kanae; her presence in the series ends with her pallid and not quite conscious, and being fed apple slices by Akio and Anthy; the apple is seen full of forks, mimicking the swords Anthy takes.  In Seinen Kakumei, the skewered apple shown was but one of the many penguindrums of the people destroyed by Akio; Kanae, having been shown by Akio the sins of both her parents and was driven into a catatonic state, was getting prepared by Akio to be the 2nd Rose Bride (after Anthy left, she’d be the only Bride) – a “battery” that can give power to illusions as well as storing powering from in-taking  - to help him support even bigger illusions around and out of Ohtori.
25)    By ep 35. Touga realized he might love Utena, and confided in Saionji about her being the girl in the coffin, along with more detail of his own rape.  Saionji, seeing that he was on the same boat with Touga all along (instead of being left behind), decided to support Touga.

[Saionji:  It may be that the Chairman saved her back then.
Saionji:  But she's still in the coffin. No, not just her.
Saionji:  We're in our coffins too. (we’re all still victims – orphaned; raped; beaten - too ) ]

ep 36

[Touga:  If she wins the next duel,
Saionji:  she gets the Power to Revolutionize the World.
Saionji:  But if that happens...
Touga:  ...she'll fall into the Ends of the World's hands.
Saionji:  So, shall we?]

Touga then duelled Utena with Saionji (who now wants both Utena to be saved by losing, and Touga to be saved by Revolution to stop the abuse) helping as bride; Utena won.
26)     Ep 39, where Utena opened the rose gates thus gained the power of the Light of the World, also called the Power of Dios.  In Anthy/Utena's last scene together in the series, the Arena broke in two (prior to the swords coming down) because even with the 100 black rose boys supporting it, Anthy's power was the main force supporting the illusion; with the power transferring out of Anthy at such a rapid rate, Anthy lost her hold on[/white] the arena, thus why it broke, leading to Anthy falling and Utena [color=white]misled into thinking she failed (thus making her all the weaker against the Swords’ attack). 
(Nonetheless, the power existed within post-series Seinen Utena, and that power smooths things over for Utena in the real world (why she was immediately found and hospitalized, how the hospital bills were shown paid for on the Hospital's computers, how she can easily get odd jobs to sustain herself through living and more . . . post-series Utena is living a should have been lucky-charmed life that was grotesquely marred by the Swords that kept the power Light of the World largely restraint.)

27)    At the same time, Akio and Anthy fell under Post-Revolution Enchantment together (see Seinen Part 1). It is now difficult for them to go after Utena (Victor), who at once bore their greatest curse (Swords) and greatest power (Light of the World).  Even thinking about Utena hurt, thus both siblings waited to see which of the students and/or Duelist would go after Utena on their own and lead them to her.  Note that Anthy, being the Bride, was the only one attuned to the Duelists, whereas Akio had no supernatural hold on them Post-Revolution.  Anthy's being attuned to the Duelists worked by detection of the specific, signature-like chi/life-energy between individuals: (i.e. Anthy would not know the details of what exactly were happening to the Duelists, but will know their locations and the changes to their chi flows (reflecting their bodies/minds in different states of well-being); suppose one of the Duelists was in close proximity to Post-Revolution Utena, Utena's chi will impact the Duelist's chi, and Anthy will detect it through her being attuned to the Duelist thus knowing the location (she still needed to hurry there though, as both the Duelist and Utena can move about and away quickly).
28)    1-2 months passed, students “forgot” Utena on their own apathetic, fickle human nature best captured by Shadow-Girls’ Ep 39 talking. Note that in Seinen Kakumei, the post-series Duelist are divided into close-knited groups that mirrors their final scenes in Ep 39 (Juri with Shiori, Saionji with the Kiryuus, Tsuwabuki with the Karous; unless I’m too pressed for time and needs to cut short intended parts, Tatsuya will show up again linked back to Wakaba).
29)    Anthy and Akio finally talked about Utena’s disappearance (they were only communicating among themselves, thus incur only “endurable” pains that allowed them to continue the conversation: note how neither could mentioned Utena’s NAME in that scene).  Anthy left Ohtori to search for Utena, whom she knew would need help. 
30)    Akio, left on his own, started playing even more aggressively to extend and solidify his influence in the outside world, with help from the wealthy Ohtori clan and then beyond. On Ohtori’s side of things, Akio had a well-prepared Kanae as the new Rose Bride so the illusions did not collapse even without Anthy.
31)    Knowing of the Student Council’s wealth and resourcefulness, and wary that they might still seek out Utena (thus leading Anthy to her first), Akio took measures to disrupt their (and their associates’) lives, thus hindering them from worrying about others.
Tsuwabuki was seen as too little to go after Utena himself, and remained un-touched.
32)    Juri and Shiori kicked out of Ohtori and abandoned by parents after discovered getting intimate (mentioned in Seinen Part 1, 10 years post Revolution).  Juri joined the modeling agency Aranjia that went from being an Ohtori-funded business to becoming the Beauty Broiler in a decade’s time.    
33)    Wakaba was lucky that her father was transferring out of the country, thus Akio did not plan anything too bad for her; but, prior leaving, Wakaba was asked by Tatsuya what she was going to miss the most after leaving Ohtori; even knowing Tatsuya liked her, she thoughtlessly told him it was “that princely Saionji-sempai”. Tatsuya, once jokingly called a prince by Wakaba but was now nothing, fell into despair and then got targeted by Akio.  “You’re almost transparent, she can hardly see you (MP theme borrowed); are you to remain invisible for the rest of your days, or will you seek change?” 
34)    Utilizing a drug-abusing music talent agent that was a regular at Mrs. Ohtori’s parties, Akio ensnared both
Kozue (though whom he could disrupt Miki’s life) and Tatsuya (whom he had since noticed from the Black Rose Records).  Kozue ended up addicted to hard drugs (after the agent dared her and she took the bait), and Tatsuya got convinced to go through extensive cosmetic surgery - including the risky leg-lengthening surgery (one that gave him no ends of painful after-effects) - to become a “soul-healing prince” male idol ensnaring hordes of female fans to (unknowingly) give up small pieces of their penguindrums for Akio’s empowerment.  Tatsuya’s signature phrase as an idol was:  “When life is a string of punishments, allow me to share it with you.”  (MP theme borrowed)
35)    Touga’s abuses from Mr. Kiryuu and Co. got worse (Akio prompted it), to the point that even Nanami found out; but Touga asked Nanami to pretend he did not know since Mr. Kiryuu is far too dangerous (what Tsuwabiki mentioned in Seinen part 2: that Nanami was unhappy all the time throughout the rest of the school year).   Around the end of the school year, Touga got badly hurt in a violent gang-rape where he got the “W (for Whore)” branded to his face, and would’ve been hurt worse had Saionji not interfered to save him.  Since then, Saionji, Touga, and Nanami had to leave home and Ohtori to fight the Kiryuus and the Saionjis both via threats of exposing evidence of the abuse Touga suffered.  Instead of charging Mr. Kiryuu on criminal offences (which could be difficult, with the powerful people on his side), Touga simply wanted money, which all three of them needed at that point in time.  So after much back and forth against the grownups, the three ended up signing a confidential agreement for a huge cover-up fee.  Touga became a broken man and a hopeless, crusing sex-addict afterwards, and Saionji realized then how while he used to dislike Touga being “ahead” of him at Ohtori, now that Touga fell into despair, he himself was plunging down into the same depths because he loved Touga all along.
36)    3 years after Revolution: No longer able to withstand the psyche-damaging Swords of Hate devaluing her as a woman, Utena was driven into getting HRT - she had to do it at various unlicensed underground clinics to avoid age check and mental evaluation.  The Swords always eased up on her freshly after treatment, which led her then to stop HRT sessions (to save money); but whenever she stopped for too long, the swords will resume attacking her; the on-and-off HRT treatments at various clinics wrecked her body’s stability.  In spite of that, the Light of the World that slumbered within her kept her afloat as she easily moved from one odd job to another (construction worker, club bouncer, cashier, etc), as she moved from one town/city to another to avoid gossipers’ attention.
37)    7 years after Revolution: Utena, working as a bouncer in a seedy joint, chanced across Touga getting solicited for sex in the men’s room.  Neither recognized the other, but Anthy’s attuning to Touga allowed her to sense Utena’s aura/chi. Hurrying to the location, the Victor and the Bride were reunited at last.
38)    Needing a place to settle down now that she had a Sword-infested Utena with her.  Anthy contacted
Tokiko  - someone she knew as Akio’s enemy and a worthy ally.  Anthy told Tokiko that only by their joining forces to defeat Akio and seizing his power (especially the Power of Reversal) that could reverse the damage on both Mikage (broken mind) and Utena (botched body, Swords), and that they still may have a chance of saving Mamiya. Tokiko and Anthy joined forces as they began solidifying plans to battle Akio again.
39)    Akio  - now with numerous human boilers all over Japan, thus allowing for him to secure country-wide illusions - ruled the country in the shadows.   Anthy, settled down, did a lot of investigating into both the current Ohtori forces, and the old Duelists of Utena’s time.
40)    On top of the duels, a new game for the Power of Revolution came into being: The Dios Cup Underground Obstacle Course Car Race.  The Race involved people chosen by Akio turning into cars via the Power of the Light of the World (which Akio still had a little bit, with most of it now slumbering within Utena), then racing past a series of real-life-related obstacles specific to the individual car-racer (boss-mobile, financial-hurdle-mobile, mid-life-crisis-mobile, etc.) to catch up to the red convertible up front that would lead the racer towards the finish line at the Rose Gates.  Those who cannot successfully make it through the race will crash, and their penguindrums would be taken by the Ends of the World.
(Anthy then came up with the best-win solution for the race –teamwork.  What’s an obstacle for one racer may be insignificant to the other, and they can help repair the damages their team mates sustained (in Movie, Utenamobile was repaired by Student Council Members on Wakaba-mobile); by getting together a strong team willing to work together, the chance to defeat the obstacles and catch up to the convertible –Mrs. Ohtori driven by Akio – thus increased.  Of course, in Anthy’s plans, the Racer-Duelists were to smash Akio’s convertible as it was in reality the Final Obstacle they need to surpass prior to truly unlocking the Power of Dios. )

41)      10 years after Revolution, Anthy opened Château Princesse (flower boutique) at Phoenix Court Plaza (with upstairs offices to a major financial firm owned by the Ohtori Clan); stepping right upon enemy grounds (in a blatant act to provoke Akio), she easily bewitched a number of the firm’s power players into spilling insider trading info to her, which allowed her to get other traders (Tokiko also one of them) to trade aggressively against the Ohtori Clan’s various investments – this was to weakening the “real-life” portions of Akio’s might (without enough money to use as bribe, Ohtori’s control over the government and media wavered), before she was to battle her brother for real via her Duelists (which she, having some control over Utena’s Light of the World, planned to put into the Dios Cup Race).
42)    Kanba and Shouma (MP chars) used their penguindrums to execute Fate Train Transfer and saved their sister, thus got erased from reality into becoming the  Shadow Boys K-Taro and S-Taro.  Wandering aimlessly with the 4 Penguins, they soon got drawn towards Tokiko’s longing for her brother, thus ended up settling down into a room at her mansion.
(Anthy saw that the boys were like stronger versions of the Akio-bound Shadow Girls – mindless, one of the few forces that can slip by even barriers at Tokiko’s mansion and Ohtori Academy, can host
Swords of Hate – and planned to make use of them in her battle against her brother.)
43)    Touga, who ran off from home after a huge fight with Saionji, tried prostituting himself and ended up getting brutalized.   He was saved by Utena, and was also taken to Tokiko’s mansion   

44)    Preliminary preparations to battle Akio completed, Anthy started gathering the various Duelists to Tokiko’s mansion, to aid her cause to help Utena.
45)    Seinen Kakumei Utena Part 1 began.

Please do not post in this thread (as only a succession of Detailed Summaries, FAQ’s, Character Files, and such should be posted here), but rather, direct all you comments to the actual Seinen Kakumei Utena Fanfic Thread at:

Thank you for your interest in Seinen Kakumen Utena; I hope you will find answers to all your questions here.

(SKU/MPD) Seinen Kakumei Utena (Completed as of May 12, 2018) / (PSOH/SKU) Revolutionary Human Leon (Updated to Part 4 as of Oct 31, 2017) / (NGE) The End of Hedgehog_s Dilemma (Updated to Part II Chapter 6 as of May 17, 2016) / (BananaFish) Medusa (Updated to Chapter 3 as of Mar 1, 2016) or



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Re: 2012 Fanfiction Seinen Kakumei Utena - The Encyclopedia

I figure I should post this, since I've already written it out for TheOnlyFlorence some time ago . . .

The CAST LIST – along with their current situations as of the beginning of Part 13 – as follows:


Utena: Utena got “force masculinized” by the misogynistic and parasitic Swords of Hate for years and on.  In desperation and sword-induced dementia, she went through an unregulated (and botched) HRT that rendered her a physically and emotionally volatile "man" (from now on referred to as “he”). With the help of the regrouped Duelists, Utena finally managed to rid himself of the Swords, and gained unobstructed access to Dios’ full power (which he earned from Revolution).  Akio, however, once again crumbled Utena by revealing that he and Anthy were directly responsible for the Kiga Subway Attack that lead to his parents’ deaths.  Resides at Chida Mansion (see Tokiko).

Anthy: Am trying to defeat and seize Akio’s power to mend Utena’s broken physical and mental state.  Is offering “material miracles” to the Duelists (both SC & BR) to make them help Utena fight against the Ends of the World.  Resides at Chida Mansion.

Tokiko: A powerful witch who learned magic from Ohtori’s Nemuro Research 20+ years pre-revolution – magic that included Penguindrum elements like the Fate Diary, the Penguin Familiars and the Fate Train.  Should’ve “became fuel for the Research” along with the 100 student assistants after donning Akio’s contract (then violating it with her theft of the Fate Diary), but was saved by Mamiya’s (see Mamiya) self-sacrifice.  Reunited with Nemuro immediately after his “graduation” with Anthy’s help.  Am now looking to locate and reunite with her “dead” brother.  Resides at the magic-filled Chida Mansion – “an ‘anti-Ohtori’ designed by herself – and later fine-tuned by Anthy – as a “sanctuary against external influences”.  Notable quote:
“What we call magic is basically people manipulating the various elements of the world through willpower alone.  With a sufficiently strong will, even a complete novice can enact at least partial magic.  What we call artifacts are objects that magnify the human willpower.  Ohtori Academy is equipped with such artifacts at various spots, and the Fate Train itself is the physical manifestation of nature’s artifact; the Ends of the World picked both the Duelists and the Children of Fate on the basis of their having exceptionally strong wills.”

Nemuro: Mikage Soji in the BR arc.  Having lost his speech in his current autistic-like state (an aftereffect of trauma sustained from his graduation), he now stays with Tokiko (see Tokiko).  Can freely change into numerous objects (an idea partially based on Movie Canon), including a car, a piano, and a robot.  Quoting Tokiko: “Appearances are merely outward expressions of the moment.  A man by any other form still is the same man.”

Juri + Shiori:  Both abandoned by their families soon after Revolution (see Akio), the girls spent 10 (relationship-solidifying) years surviving the world with only each other to rely on. Now aspiring designers working at the same agency (as a model and a stylist), they were shocked as Anthy revealed their agency to be a Broiler.  Recruited by Anthy on promise of success in the fashion industry.  Shiori remains troubled by Anthy’s comment in Part 1 about Juri being her “driver”.

Kozue + Miki: Kozue, failed idol singer, got a drug addiction (see Akio) that drags both twins down years of hell.  Their father (see Mr. Kaoru) had “died” some time ago.  Frustrated with her now deadened relationship with Miki, Kozue channels her sibling sentimentality into her determination to help Shouma (see Shouma) and Kanba (see Kanba) – whom she met as the Shadow Boys at Chida Mansion - reunite with their sister Himari.  It has been hinted that the twins joined Anthy’s cause partly to rid Kozue of her addiction.

Touga + Saionji + Nanami: The boys were abuse victims, with Touga a sex slave to adopted father Mr. Kiryuu, and Saionji a punching bag for his volatile and violent single dad.  Their childhood friendship was built upon their shared pain.  Mrs. Ohtori (a witch, see Mrs. Ohtori Hoshimi) approached child Touga at the “Nanami kitten birthday party (Ep 10)” offering to change his and his sister’s (+ Saionji’s) fate in return for him becoming the “Devil’s Witch”, after which all three of them received invitations to get enrolled at Ohtori.  Touga, Saionji, and Nanami’s lives all got disrupted by Akio (to be explained in later parts) after Utena’s final duel: it is this event that makes Nanami again “obsessive” with her brother.  They have been surviving together for the past 10 years before Seinen as a sort of family, before Touga went missing and Anthy approached the remaining two saying he’s at her place.  Saionji – a freelance photographer/cameraman – is the only one working among the three.

Wakaba: Spared from Akio’s direct screw-over due to her family leaving Japan just months post-revolution.  Works at a magazine (one actually owned by Ohtori Clan) as a low-ranking assistant.   Recruited by Anthy on promise of a successful career, but has really joined the cause wanting to feel “special” by being on the same level as the Ohtori elite.  Was the first among the Duelist to draw sword and fight against the daunting Million Swords of Hate hurting Utena in Part 5.  Hinted to be unknowingly responsible for Tatsuya (see Tatsuya/Seen) falling under Akio’s control.

Tsuwabuki: Currently studying at Ohtori’s University Division.  Looks up to Miki as the sempai who helped him grow up (see Ep 39).  Followed the Kaoru Twins into Anthy’s cause.  Still have feelings for Nanami.

Takakura Kanba and Shouma:  After the ending of the Fate Train Transfer at the end of the Mawaru-Penguindrum series, the self-sacrificed Takakura boys – now with their ages halved, their memories repressed, and their forms hollowed out – got taken into Chida Mansion by Tokiko, and exists as Shadow Boys K-taro and S-taro.  After befriending Kozue and fighting alongside the Duelists in previous parts, the Takakura boys gradually came to regain their memories.  Part 12 left off at how the boys found out their loved ones (Himari, Ringo) are suffering because their amnesia is cracking, and that they are now meeting someone – likely Anthy – offering to give them back their missing memories.


Akio: Despite losing Dios’ Power forever, he has grown strong through the past decade by directly consuming the life energies of deluded/despairing humans through the many Human Broilers his forces had set up throughout Japan.  Having pulled strings in the Kiga Subway Attack from 6 years pre-revolution (event killing Utena’s parents), the remnants of the Kiga Terrorist Group still are presently under his command.  Was responsible for disrupting the Duelists’ lives 10 years ago to keep them from going after Utena.  Have secured a number of the SKU and Penguindrum characters members as part of his pawn entourage.

Mrs. Ohtori Hoshimi: Kanae’s mother.  In her pubescence, she was the sole heiress to the Ohtori Clan (much like Kanae is now) – a position that made her the “target” of Inoue Tsukiichi (see Mr. Ohtori Tsukiichi)– leader among the 100 student assistants from the Nemuro Research.  She was then, however, Mamiya’s (see Mamiya) little girlfriend, and was only going out with Tsukiichi on order from her father (who was Akio’s pawn).  Was heartbroken at Mamiya’s “betrayal”, and had her spirit broken by Tsukiichi and Kaoru (see Mr. Kaoru) raping her as per her father’s arrangement.  Married Tsukiichi, then gained “witch powers” from her deepening involvement with Akio.  It is hinted that Mamiya presently exists under her power.  Agelessly glamorous, she can appear as a pubescent young girl via magic.  Alluded to be Miki and Kozue’s real mother.

Mr. Ohtori Tsukiichi: Was Inoue Tsukiichi before marrying Hoshimi.  Akio’s pawn since his teenage years, and the one behind the Fate Train Research that eventually led up to the Kiga Subway Attack.  Was competitive against Nemuro (see Nemuro) during the Research.  Was also sexually involved with Kaoru-san (see Mr. Kaoru) around that time.

Mr. Kaoru Yuki: Miki and Kozue’s father.  Used to be a member of the 100 student assistants from the Nemuro Research.  Miki and Kozue thought he is dead in Seinen’s time period.

Kanae: Seen briefly in Seinen Part 7 as a red-dressed woman who took damage shielding Akio.

Tatsuya/Seen: Having gone through extensive (and recklessly unsafe) cosmetic surgeries, he is now a popular male idol singer by the name Seen.  Anthy says he is now being “exploited” by Akio.  Tatsuya’s final letter (one intercepted by Akio, but was later recovered by Anthy) to Wakaba (see Wakaba) read: “I’m almost transparent to you; you can hardly see me.  I don’t want to become invisible; I won’t just become nothing. I will be seen; if not by you, then by everyone else around you.”

Watase Sanetoshi:  Late leader of the Kiga Group, who remains powerful in his ghost form.  Was a genius 4th grader at Ohtori  during the Nemuro Research Era, and was deeply involved in the Research.


Mamiya: He used to be Hoshimi’s (see Mrs. Ohtori Hoshimi) little boyfriend, but eventually “betrayed” the girl by falling for Professor Nemuro  (see Nemuro).  Disliked the Eternity Research, but had to act otherwise after Sanetoshi (see Sanetoshi) showed him how the Ends of the World would turn Nemuro into “nothing” (aka become invisible to the world / erase from existence) should the Professor stop the Research.  Targeting him for use as tool, Akio showed him the harvest of the 100 boys’ penguindrums (red globes/apples that represent souls), which turn them into “nothings” resembling vage gender symbols in appearance.  When Akio then threatened to enact Tokiko’s contract and reap her penguindrum, the boy offered himself up as replacement.  Instead of turning him into “nothing”, Anthy showed up to “absorb” Mamiya’s penguindrum, such that the boy became an extension of herself, thus allowing for her to masquerade as “Mamiya” in front of Nemuro-turned-Mikage, up to the man’s “graduation”.   Anthy lost sight of Mamiya after Nemuro’s graduation.  Mamiya is presently under Hoshimi’s control.

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