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Delicious Duellist
From: Cloudcuckooland
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make edits, be delicious

I guess its like the SKUpidity thread. But like, less SKUpid.

I don't know wtf my intent was with this, but, it wasn't this. And yet this is what came out. Hrm. (I was playing a game at the same time. My thought process had some holes.)



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Saionji Slapper
From: Mundelow
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Re: make edits, be delicious This came about unintentionally when I was messing with some SKU clips in Adobe Premiere.  I had one clip at half opacity over another, and thought this frame happened to look neat. As for this one... just the result of some random late-night photoshopping.



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Wakaba Wrangler
From: Indianapolis, IN
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Re: make edits, be delicious
Made this since I couldn't sleep



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Rose Bride
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Re: make edits, be delicious

In episode 14, Mamiya made a pretty damn evil face before stabbing Kanae with the black rose. I've been thinking I wanted to put that face on Anthy instead, since she's really the one making although in another body. A few minutes in photoshop, and done!

Turned out pretty well, I think. The fact that I had to use the same eye just flipped (and edited the light spot) looks a bit odd, but damnit, Kanae's hair was covering the real left eye!



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Juri Jeerer
From: Spain
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Re: make edits, be delicious

Quite simple edit, I use this in my Spanish utena web fansite



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