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Tour Guide to Crawling Chaos
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Utena-related Videos on Nico Nico Douga

So I was browsing through Nico Nico Douga a while ago, and ran into some videos that I thought the community might like to see.

Nico Nico Douga is sort of an even geekier Japanese equivalent of YouTube. Normally you need an account to be able to watch videos, but I found out about a site recently that will let you access them even without. (I had a few problems getting them to play when I tested it out, but nothing that reloading didn't fix.) The automatic setting is for people's comments to scroll across the screen as the video plays - to turn that off, hit the button on the lower-right of the player.

Both of these Utena-related videos are great:

(3DPV)Revolutionary Girl Utena (Rinbu Revolution)
A 3-D animation version of the opening song, with characters I don't recognize. Rather astounding.

The Student Council Members Try Playing "Sanpo" For You
Actually not just the Student Council, but darn near everyone. "Sanpo" is the song from "My Neighbor Totoro," and it's pretty popular to teach in elementary school and such. The video drags a little to start, but gets very awesome as it goes along.

Anyone know any other good ones?



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Re: Utena-related Videos on Nico Nico Douga


I'm not sure if this is really epic or really stupid's a play list J.A. Seazer covers made with Vocaloid. Among the list there's Missing Link and Astragalous Earth Backgammon.



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Saionji Slapper
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Re: Utena-related Videos on Nico Nico Douga



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Re: Utena-related Videos on Nico Nico Douga

Tatty wrote:

Some moar!

Cute chibi-Saionji dance (a bit weird though)

So if he's pulling those paddle thingies out of his arse, where's he getting the fish?

...candirķ? Do I even want to know?



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Tour Guide to Crawling Chaos
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Re: Utena-related Videos on Nico Nico Douga

So there's been interest in Utena gameplay videos recently in the fourth Let's Play! thread. I looked around, and basically the entire game has posted by various people on Nico Nico Douga, so I thought I'd share the links. Enjoy!

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Itsuka saseru Monogatari (Juri Route)
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:
Part 11:
Part 12:

To the End of the World in the Akio Car

To Kill the Rose Bride!

Chu-Chu's Legendary Strength

Miki Compilation (Just the Miki-specific parts of the game)
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

Choices Compilation (Confessing crushes to Wakaba?)

The following groups of videos are apparently intended to intertwine. By going back and forth between the following non-character-specific videos and those of the character of your choice, you can experience a complete playthrough. To do so, follow the links at the end of the video description (you can copy the video IDs into the box below). Iíve included the names of these videos in katakana to help you identify them. Itís also useful to know that 前 indicates the previous video and 次 is for the next video(s). The Juri path is incomplete.

Part 1 (その1):
Part 2 (その2):
Part 3 (その3):
Part 4 (その4):
Part 5 (その5):
Part 6 (その6):
Part 7 (その7):

Saionji 1 (西園寺編その1):
Saionji 2 (西園寺編その2):
Saionji 3 (西園寺編その3):
Saionji 4 (西園寺編その4):
Saionji 5 (西園寺編その5):
Saionji 6 (西園寺編その6):
Saionji 7 (西園寺編その7):
Saionji 8 (西園寺編その8):
Saionji 9 (西園寺編その9):
Saionji 10 (西園寺編その10):
Saionji 11 (西園寺編その11):

Touga 1 (冬芽編その1):
Touga 2 (冬芽編その2):
Touga 3 (冬芽編その3):
Touga 4 (冬芽編その4):
Touga 5 (冬芽編その5):
Touga 6 (冬芽編その6):
Touga 7 (冬芽編その7):
Touga 8 (冬芽編その8):
Touga 9 (冬芽編その9):
Touga 10 (冬芽編その10):
Touga 11 (冬芽編その11):
Touga 12 (冬芽編その12):

Anthy 1 (アンシー編その1):
Anthy 2 (アンシー編その2):
Anthy 3 (アンシー編その3):
Anthy 4 (アンシー編その4):
Anthy 5 (アンシー編その5):
Anthy 6 (アンシー編その6):
Anthy 7 (アンシー編その7):

Juri (樹璃編):



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