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Touga Topper
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Akio's Cry in the Last Episode.

I was actually up late last night contemplating this before I fell asleep. emot-aaa

Okay, in last the episode, we see everyone's but Akio's departure from the scene. Dios first by metaphorically/litterally (depending on your view of him) mounting his white horse and persumably riding away. Anthy by falling out of harm's way in her open coffin (that's how I interpetted it anyway, but still out of the picture anyway) and Utena is shown to recieve the sowrds of human hatred. But what exactly happened to Akio?

The last we see of him in that scene is him yelling at Utena for opening the coffin, then we pan to a possibly frustrated look on his face, he looks up, and then the camera pans to the larger scene of the unguided swords circuling the arena and Akio utters a cry of either fear, horror, or possibly anguish. Then he is unseen until the scene where Anthy leaves him.

I must admit that is my point of confusion. Why is he crying out?

Is it connected to his own departure of the revolutionizing world? Is that departure somehow painful to him? Or is it just from fear that the swords are coming for him next? Or maybe have some of the swords turned on him already? (It does show the swords up close just before he cries out) But why only some then and not all? Also if he isn't gone by that point, does he somehow manage to ride out the revolution unharmed becuase of his powers?

I must admit I cannot think of any reasonable explanation or satisfying one, and would love to hear opinions on this.

The section of the episode on, around 2:50 is the beginning of what I'm describing while 3:44-3:47 is Akio's cry.

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Someday Shiner
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Re: Akio's Cry in the Last Episode.

I just finished rewatching Utena today. cool
Hmm, I've never wondered about it much. I think it might be a mix of fear and surprise. After all, Akio wouldn't have imagined that Utena would actually open the Rose Gate. Simply put, opening the Rose Gate meant Anthy leaving her coffin behind. So if she wasn't the Witch any longer, the swords had no reason to come after her. Instead, they would go after the prince. I suppose the reason why Akio escaped was because he's no prince and the reason why Utena took the swords instead was because she accepted it (not because she was the prince because she wasn't). That's 'cause she was noble and willing to give her life for someone else. Akio wouldn't understand or do such a thing, but since he was trapped in the illusion just as much as Anthy was, he thought that he might become the target for the swords.

And I thought this was going to be about why Akio sheds a few tears in this episode.

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Hentai Hero!!!
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Re: Akio's Cry in the Last Episode.

Something got caught in his eye!



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Frau Eva
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Re: Akio's Cry in the Last Episode.

From other discussion on Akio's tears I've seen, I think I must be the only SKU fan who thinks they're genuine. emot-aaa I mean, his motivations are certainly far from pure, but believing him to be nothing but a cool and collected heartless bastard is only what he wants you to think. He may be close, but not completely. But then I'd have to tie this into the other Akio character discussion...

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Rose Bride
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Re: Akio's Cry in the Last Episode.

You're not the only one, Frau Eva. The last episode made me think of Akio in a much  more nuanced light than I had previously -- not just when he cries when speaking to Anthy, but the fact he used "aishiteru" when talking to her (which as I understand it is an extremely serious statement of love?), and how he attempted to help Utena up on her way to the gate. Not that I think he cares about Utena, really, but that attempt, and his later whimsical reflections on her and his past, made me regard him much more as an individual (a bastardly individual) who had a certain outlook and agenda than "the bad guy." Of course, he's not a character whose development I've thought about/analyzed to the same depths of Utena's or Anthy's, so it could be I'm missing something.

In regards to the cry, I'm pretty sure Akio genuinely fears the swords -- who wouldn't? Perhaps he feared they'd turn on him -- though that seems unlikely given he doesn't have Utena's soul sword, and he specifically says the "prince's sword" is what they were drawn to, so he probably guessed they'd head for Utena (though the swords are also shown to be pretty wantonly destructive, so maybe it was the destruction of the castle as well as the fact he might be endangered himself). There's also the possibility that he realizes that because Anthy is no longer taking the swords for him, she may not serve as his Rose Bride again (which, if you subscribe to the idea that Akio actually DOES want to revolutionize the world, means his chances may be gone).  But he seems so surprised when she leaves that this is suspect, too.

I don't know, though, as completely astounding as the last episode is, there's lots of weird things that happen with  no explanation - Anthy's falling away, for instance, doesn't make a whole lot of sense (to me at least), it just works well dramatically. So it's hard to say.



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