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Saionji Slapper
From: Utah
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Ghost stories!

I have always been a fan of spooky happenings despite the fact I am a huge coward. Every place has their own local ghost stories that happened to a friend of a friend or something similar like that. So, does anyone have any fun local stories or urban legends? Perhaps even a personal experience with a ghoulie? I'll start with a story:

Downtown there is a fairly old theatre called the Capitol Theatre (Yes, I know every theatre has a ghost story! But this ghost is amusing). A fire happened a while back but I cannot remember exactly when. An usher I think his name was Charles, happened to die in the fire. Charles still hangs out in the theatre for some reason. He is not very malevolent or anything, he usually just plays pranks on the actors. He has been known to make the elevator not work and shut off all the lights on opening night. I have never seen Charles in action sadly emot-frown but actors and the like swear he exists.

Another local haunting is a train station turned restaurant called the Rio Grande. A lady in a purple dress has been seen haunting the girls' bathroom. (Moaning Myrtle is a copycat!) The story goes that this woman lost her wedding ring in the train tracks and went down into the tracks to retrieve it. Unfortunately for her, a train was zooming down and hit the lady killing her instantly. The girls bathroom in the restaurant has a very spooky vibe but I have never had any lady in purple moan at me while relieving myself, thank God.

I'm not the very best at telling ghost stories, but oh well. I'd love to hear any other stories any of you might have. Perhaps more frightening ones. It seems the true ones tend to be less frightening though...which I think is a good thing...



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Magical Flying Moron
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Re: Ghost stories!

As it happens, I'm working on a sort of fanfic/ghost story right now.  It's not going too well, though.  Maybe I'll post it and canvas for ideas.

"The devil want me as is, but god he want more."
-Truck North
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