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Saionji Slapper
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What were the early Utena sites like?

I have been looking through that section on the main site, and some archived web sites. For those long time fans, how were things then? Did any of you also participate in those mailing-list discussions emot-keke? Web-rings (some of those are still up, emot-tongue)? The web does change pretty quickly!




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Touga Topper
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Re: What were the early Utena sites like?

It was a very different time. I never could get the hang of mailing lists back then, and whatever Utena communities I found were relatively inactive, or based on mailing lists. I also was unable to watch the full TV series for the longest time due to lack of availability or lack of quality subs, so I always felt like I had nothing to say in discussions.

I could never get any sort of real Utena discussion going in more general gaming or anime forums, because it would inevitably get inundated by the kind of anime fans that polluted everything back then: the 'it's not gay it's a different culture' crowd and the 'Utena is so pretentious it's basically pointless and bad because art is bad I hate art' nonsense.

So yeah, that was my experience back then. I went to sites like the defunct Utena Project, got my info, voraciously read the scripts of episodes I was not able to obtain, read some discussions, and that was that. Back then, it really felt like very few people cared about Utena. People were passionate enough to create great sites like the ones in the Hosted section, but I didn't really get a feeling for it as a community, the way we have now.

My experience is, ofc, v different to lots of folk here. I got on the internet and looked for Utena stuff when I was still living in Argentina, and then I moved to Ireland where of all the anime fans I met only one had even seen it, most hadn't heard of it. Needless to say I had no chance to participate in in-person fandom at anime cons as those are, mostly, in the USA (and I didn't fancy going to ones in Britain).

Anyway yeah, I'm sorry this entire post amounts to 'eh it wasn't that great', I'm sure others will have better experiences to tell!



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