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what if chu chu was a tractor?

I mean, think about it. anthy is now friends with a living tractor. What would utena think? would people be afraid of anthy because she is followed around by a living tractor? would akio be jealous because anthy has a tractor and he only has a sad red car? would he buy a tractor? what if utena used chu chu in the dules? she would be unstoppable, and i donĀ“t remember someone saying that it was prohibited to use tractors in the duels. would the student council start using tractors too?  just think of the endless posibilities. btw a tractor is a better comic relief than a monkey.



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Re: what if chu chu was a tractor?

Utena would still somehow lose at cards to it.

Miki would think it's cute - it's just like Himemiya to keep a living tractor in her room!

The Black Rose arc would end abruptly in Episode 22 as Chu-Chu wanders off into Nemuro Memorial Hall and reduces it to rubble. (The place can't be that sturdy, it's only tentatively real to begin with.)

Akio wouldn't get a tractor, he'd be compelled to own an even larger, manlier vehicle. Every episode of the third arc would show him flipping onto the hood of a monster truck.

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Re: what if chu chu was a tractor?

I kinda wanna see a duel akin to the Apocalypse arc ones with all the cars, but instead they have monster trucks and tractors...

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Re: what if chu chu was a tractor?

Would he be a big green tractor?



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Re: what if chu chu was a tractor?

I'd have loved to see Nanami try to fit THAT egg in her pocket. I still don't know how she fit the Chuchu-sized one in there, to be honest.

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Re: what if chu chu was a tractor?

This is the best "what-if" ever.

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