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Anthy And Antigone- The one who defies tragedy

I recently went over stuff I learned in literature class in the last two years and got somewhat interested in Antigone, a play I was taught in 10th grade. Then I remembered how she buried her brother to honor his death and then she was sentenced to death, because her brother was a war criminal. But then I was like "wait, didnt Anthy also bury her brother? Wait a minute, could it be...?" and then I realized how similar the charcters are and how it can help us understand more about the movie? Well actually aside from burying their brothers the characters couldn't be different: Antigone is a proud, independent and (presumably) charismatic girl while Anthy is the exact opposite: A shy, submissive and proudless girl. However while they are completely different, there are 2 main things they are similar at: Burying there brother out of respect for them, and their unwillingness to let go of their brothers out of familial duties. However, in Antigone, while she did an illegal act, got prophesied that all of Greece will hate the one who executed her, Creon, and it can be presumed she will be remembered as a tragic heroine. But in Anthys case, she gets hated for her actions, despite having evidence that she did not do anything bad, and is hated by all of the othori academy.

But the big thing that differ in their characters in a thematic way is in the end of their characters. Antigone sticks with her stubbornness and decided to honor her brother, but in the end, she died because she wanted to defy the law (a representation of mans rule). It is a tragedy of the idea that powerful women=death. However, even then Antigone was never really free in the first place, she followed gods rule, instead of her own personal code of ethics. Anthy in the end destroys both mans law ( The sexiest ideals of othori academy) and Gods law (Akio/Dios law). She sets herself free from akio and the lives in a happy ending, in opposition to Antigone, and shows how woman can both be independent and not needing to have a sacrifice for it.

Well, this is sloppy especially when you write this at 11 pm at night, but this is a working idea of mine that I may do a more indepth analysis of. But for now, its just an opinion piece. So if you want to add something or correct me, DO IT! Thanks for reading emot-keke

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Re: Anthy And Antigone- The one who defies tragedy

Hey, that's really neat! I haven't read Antigone but it definitely sounds like there are parallels there-- I would love to see an essay on the topic and you've motivated me to check out the play. Thanks!

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