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Gougai! Gougai!

Beautiful Thorns, Chiho Saito's new manga featuring Juri, Shiori, and Ruka is now scanlated and ready for happy happy eyeballs! Download it in a zip here, or check it out in the gallery. Thank you everyone!! <3

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New Student
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MAPPA and Ikuhara working on new anime

So I'm browsing ANN and THIS happens.

etc-wankgirl YES etc-wankgirl

I hear that MAPPA knows how to do FLAIR~, so I'm having a good feeling about this.



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Re: MAPPA and Ikuhara working on new anime

Oh ahahha, someone beat me. emot-biggrin

Akio, you have nice turns of phrase, but your points aren't clear and you have no textual support. I can't give this a passing grade.
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Re: MAPPA and Ikuhara working on new anime

Oh yes, my God this is beatiful. Mappa is nit the first studio I would have ikuni with but they do get great talent on their stuff. Thier production values are uselly impressive and that would let ikuni make some beast stuff.

Also, anyone planing to work with him? cool

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Re: MAPPA and Ikuhara working on new anime

Oh, this is neat! I'm looking at the requirements now, and seems like it's focused on folks who obviously can go to work in Japan, but there is a way to email inquiries. If there was a way for me to try out for this, oh, I would.
Also you might have to have a car license as well.



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Wakaba Wrangler
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Re: MAPPA and Ikuhara working on new anime

Wow! It's nice that he's working on things a bit more regularly these days. I wonder when more information will come out about this.



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Ohtori Paramouri
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Re: MAPPA and Ikuhara working on new anime

*intense excitement*

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