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Wakaba Wrangler
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The Utena anime is one of my favorite works ever

Sometimes I just think about Utena and how seriously in love I am with the show and have been for years now. I think it's honestly one of my favorite works of art ever, if not my favorite -- up there with any book, movie, TV series, etc. I've enjoyed. I think that the TV series is near perfection -- I literally think the only thing I might change about it is to make Utena and Anthy's relationship more overt and physical -- but even then, I'm not sure, because sometimes I think some of the impact of their relationship comes from its subtlety.

I love how it can be interpreted and viewed on so many levels. It makes for an unforgettable and moving coming of age/growing up/loss of innocence story, but also for a story about abuse, feminism, sexual orientation, etc etc etc. Definitely a work of art.

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Juri Jeerer
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Re: The Utena anime is one of my favorite works ever

I couldn't agree more, I find myself returning to the show, manga, movie, and these discussion pages over and over through the years. It's been 17 years now for me, and I'm always finding new ways to enjoy the show. I recently watched the whole series with my partner, and it was quite the bonding experience. I never had a partner I could share Utena with before. So great.

I have always wanted to create a real fanfic or a serious art series inspired by Utena, but its tough to live up to.




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