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Gougai! Gougai!

Hey, all! Nozomi has asked that we let them know about any translation issues we have with the Black Rose Saga-- please either post in this thread or send an email/pm to Yasha! We are collecting issues until Friday, and we will have another week after that to decide what to do about them.

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Anthy Assailer
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Utena's Last Name

Just an idea, but I've been kicking around the internet looking at the different influences behind Ikuhara and A.J. Seazer.  What I found was that Seazer worked with Tenjou Sajiki  Chu... for a loooooong time.  Do you think that's where Ikuhara got Utena's last name?  Knowing his love of theater and all I feel like this is very likely.

Usubeni midarete manatsu no yo no yume yume
Tobitatsu kagerou koi kogarerou
Anata wo omoeba yume ni yume ni yume miru
Afureru yorokobi towa ni towa ni



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