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Thorn of Death
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Utena reference in Little Witch Academia

It's a little hard to get a picture since they never showed the whole thing, but here's the best I could do.  It happened in episode 8.

She even rides a car up part of it in the beginning

After that she cuts her way through some thorn vines to try and wake up her sleeping friend.

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Black Rosarian
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Re: Utena reference in Little Witch Academia

I saw it, and the "circling car" part certainly did put me in mind of Utena, but I assumed it was unintentional, since Trigger appears to be more beholden to Western animation references than Japanese ones. The thorn part was also more of a Sleeping Beauty reference.



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New Student
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Re: Utena reference in Little Witch Academia

I thought the same. This chapter is about the "id" (in Freud lines) of Sucy, and have a lot of references from other animes (and games, like Piramid Head from Silent Hill); so isn't wild to think that the spiral staircase is a Utena reference, and the almost-kiss between Sucy an Akko... emot-biggrin



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Ends of the Fandom
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Re: Utena reference in Little Witch Academia

For absolutely no rational reason I'm immediately going 'I don't think it was intentional' because the steering wheel is on the wrong side. emot-redface

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