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Wakaba Wrangler
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Good Yuris?

I have seen SKU. I was wondering if there are any other good Yuris you folks could recommend?

I heard Yuru Yuri was pretty good. cool



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Decrescent Daytripper
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Re: Good Yuris?

We have a thread for that!

Depending on what you consider Yuri or how central you need it to the plot, I really like Wife and Wife and some of the stuff Lililicious scanlates.

The same-sex gags in Jitsu wa Watashi wa are just standard high school lech gags, but I'll give them some props for coming from a female character. Female (bi) Ataru is interesting in its way.

I just rewatched Galaxy Fraulein Yuna recently, and it's still awful cute. Nothing deep, but cute. I like the lead character not realizing that her love for tv heroine, Ojousama Kamen Polylina, is homosexual, or by extension that her tendency to look at other girls/women a certain way is, as well. For anyone who took awhile to catch onto that's what that means, it can be extra funny/endearing.

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