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Nest Boxer
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SKUbridged Pilot

So in a hurry, a group of friends of mine entered Team FourStar's TIBA contest.

Here's the results. Everyone had so much fun that we're working on something else and I thought I'd share with the class so to speak:

Enjoy! Thoughts, feelings and suggestions.

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When did we get pyrotechnics?
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Re: SKUbridged Pilot

Awesome! More people should be parodying Utena. If you continue this, one thing I've found helpful is to mask lip flaps over a still to avoid excessive camera shake. It's more work, but it since there aren't a ton of shots to work with, it keeps the edits less noticeable. u__u Even the remastered footage is a bit of a pain to work with...

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Mikage Mistruster
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Re: SKUbridged Pilot

I lost it at "Jesus, take the wheel!"



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Miki Molester
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Re: SKUbridged Pilot

Nice job! I lost it at "backseat baby-Daddy." The scene between Ruka and Shiori at the lockers was great as well.



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