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Touga Topper
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Horoscopes of the Characters

I feel that the horoscopes of the characters tell a lot about their personalities. Here is a list of horoscopes, according to the official birthdays:
-Utena: Capricorn
-Anthy: Pisces (Norman Bates anybody??)
-Akio: Virgo
-Touga: Gemini
-Juri: Sagittarius
-Miki and Kozue: Gemini
-Nanami: Leo (this was kinda obvious lol)
-Shiori: Aquarius in its purest form
-Wakaba: Pisces (this explains that bat**** crazy moment in the Black Rose arc).
-Mikage: Sagittarius
-Kanae: Aries
-Mitsuru: Cancer
-Keiko: Libra

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Raven Nightshade
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Re: Horoscopes of the Characters

Hi, we have another astrology thread, in case you'd like to read through that one.

Also, you forgot Ruka, who is an Aquarius. (Jan. 23)

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