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Gougai! Gougai!

GUYS GUYS I JUST UPLOADED THE 1997 UTENA MUSICAL IN HIGH DEFINITION straight from the Japanese Blu-rays! i am now very tired goodnight

Also, our Secret Santa is going on! Come join in the fun!

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Panel Help!!!!

Hi everyone!!!
So....I am here because I am cosplaying as Utena Tenjou this year for a con I go to...however I also signed up to do a panel on Utena called:
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Symbolism and Influences
Revolutionary Girl Utena, one of the most iconic Anime from the 90ís. Come discuss the themes, theories, and later influences on modern cartoons. Please Note: Spoilers will be discussed.

So I need your help everyone!!! I have fifty minutes to discuss all this...suggestions on where to start and what to discuss are welcome!!!
Thank you,



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Re: Panel Help!!!!

There's a direct references thread here and various analysis and symbolism threads here, but it probably wouldn't hurt to sit with a pen and paper through a four or five episodes and just note recurring motifs and symbols that stand out to you or resonate with you.

It's only fifty minutes, with others, on a panel, so my main advice is, as someone who does panels regularly, don't try to talk about too much, don't do too much homework. Fifty minutes of three to seven people talking about anything goes by faster than it seems it would.

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Re: Panel Help!!!!

I'm actually hosting this by i'm a bit....nervous O///O I'm HOPING to find other people....but so far just me. Eep



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Re: Panel Help!!!!

My biggest advice isn't to load it with too much, as mentioned above.

I think stick to 3 or so *things* you want to talk about, and then leave the rest to guiding that discussion.

Even if it is just you, preparing a slideshow of photos and the 3 bullet points you wanna touch on with a brief bit of your commentary on each item and maybe how you derived that information, would be a great start.

This would be a general format I would use for your talk:

1) Introduce yourself: When you were introduced to Utena, brief sentence on why you like it so much
2) Introduce Utena: Some of your audience might just love Steven Universe or something, and not have as much context for what scenes you will be discussing so give a really really brief explanation of the show.
3) Introduce the 3 (or so) items you will be discussing at this pannel in brief.
    a) This cool scene in both of these animes-- why its important
    b) this crazy song that has a lot of symbolism
    c) This crazy theory about relationships
    d) ...
4) Discuss the first item in detail, limiting yourself to a time limit per section
    a) Discuss Item A
        i) Scene, Image or Clip?
    b) Discuss Item B....
    c) ...
5) Wrap up your conclusion of all of these items
6) Open to questions and discussions, but remember this is your panel! Drive the discussion
7) Close with a summary of what was discussed and provide resources for people to learn more

So, you asked where to start? its really important you limit down what you want to talk about, otherwise you won't fit it all in. I also think its important you isolate what shows you will be discussing. Saying something like "symbolism and influences" is pretty loaded... as an audience member, I would probably expect you to talk about something like "what is a prince?" or "why did they borrow the imagery of someone pulling a sword out of someone elses chest like Utena does" or... Remember that time in eva 3.33 when it was basically utena and anthy but shinji and rei?... Symbolism is pretty weighty (as we have this entire forum dedicated to discussing it) Influences can be a lot more simple to draw that line between.

I hope this helps and isnt information overload. What con will you be speaking at? would love to check it out! please let us know how ti goes.... and I hope you provide us the same information you provided your audience so we can discuss with you too!



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Re: Panel Help!!!!

@KissFromARose I will be speaking at Anime Banzai, a convention in Layton Utah. Thank you so much for your help here is one of my slides!!!
I know I want to discuss this one...along with the series as a whole This is my first time hosting a i'm a bit nervous. O//O but I love Utena and as a writer I take inspiration from it! etc-love



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