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Juri Jeerer
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Question for Hetalia fans? Curious about a England/America scene

I'm looking to read all of the webcomic/manga for the Axis Powers Hetalia series and heard mention of a scene where America flies to England's house around New Years to watch movies together.  The author said on his blog site about the scene America was cooking popcorn because popcorn and movies together are a given.  I was wondering where at in the manga/webcomics the scene is at.  I don't believe its called Hetalia of the Dead.



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Touga Topper
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Re: Question for Hetalia fans? Curious about a England/America scene

Here is an archive of the comics that have been posted on Himaruya Hidekaz's blog and have been published in Shonen Jump Plus and Monthly Comic Birz.
And here is a tumblr page that has Scanlations of the published manga (World Stars) too!
This is the "Hetalia of the Dead" you were talking about, it does have popcorn but America is just eating it.

(And the reason Americans connect popcorn with movies is that during the Great Depression, when movies were one of the few escapes from the depression. Since it was a cheap snack to make and could be sold at a low price and still make a profit, theaters started making it to feed to the audiences. Actually before then popcorn was a popular street snack but the high class theaters did not allow it because it would mess up the carpeted floors. And that is your random history fact for today! … s_partner/)

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