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Touga Topper
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Edward Weston and The Rape Scene in Adolesence of Utena

Well, whaddya know I happen to be in a course that's relevant to real life! In my intro to art class we were viewing various art pieces and this one ("Cabbage Leaf" by Edward Weston) stirred a memory in me and in about two seconds I realized what it reminded me of. Remember the scene in the movie where Shiori and Touga are in bed together? And Touga begins to talk about how in childhood he was sold to a man who later raped him in a cabbage field? To me at least the movement of the sheets distinctly reminded me of that photograph, and it rather ties in nicely to the theme of the cabbage field.

So I wonder if maybe "Cabbage Leaf" was referenced in that scene or if it was just a coincidence? Though Utena has plenty of fine art references the sheets could be repersenting something else, but seeing that photograph and remembering that definitely gave me a "wow" moment. emot-redface

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Ends of the Fandom
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Re: Edward Weston and The Rape Scene in Adolesence of Utena

Holy wow. It's not part of the caps taken of the movie, but isn't there a shot where the sheets twirl up and look like that? Been a while, but you can never just write off SKU with this kind of thing, there are too many instances where they did it on purpose and we've caught them. (I love that about SKU. etc-love) I've often thought the movie was packed full of art references, but I've never made an attempt on them since I'm not familiar (like at all) with modern art and that's where you'd be looking there.

Anyway that is a bunch of awesome. Art is useful sometimes! school-eng101

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Bitch Queen
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Re: Edward Weston and The Rape Scene in Adolesence of Utena

Yeah, there was a point where the sheets twisted up kinda like that, but as I recall, there's not enough of a resemblance to really say for sure whether it's a reference. I can take a screenshot when I get home.

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Everyone's Best Friend
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Re: Edward Weston and The Rape Scene in Adolesence of Utena

My photography professor put that exact Edward Weston photo on a slide last week too! However, all the slides that caught my eye...I quickly scratched down the titles & author thinking, "That'll be great in the boob thread!" I must be missing the grander reference points here. emot-biggrin

Good eye, skewed_tartan! prof said Weston was famous for making his normal everyday objects look "sexy" and showed several examples of veggies which looked like human bodies in the throws of passion. (the the viewer with the avid imagination!) There on the SKU bed, the sheets are there adding to the sexualization of the image, similar to the grain in the cabbage leaves. He died in 1958, so these photos have been around for a while. It wouldn't be unlikely that the creators (people in art business) would have passed his photos during some point in their lives. Direct reference, I guess we'll never know unless we get to interview those involved. Seems plausible enough!

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Bettie Page Princess
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Re: Edward Weston and The Rape Scene in Adolesence of Utena

Wow. I know this is totally random, but the way that's photographed makes me think of a woman in one of Fortuny's Delphos gowns hunched over, like she were crying or something. emot-aaa emot-aaa emot-aaa

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Rose Smilee
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Re: Edward Weston and The Rape Scene in Adolesence of Utena

There are some differences, but it's still similar enough for me to remember exactly what scene you had in mind. In any case it's very interesting. emot-smile



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Someday Shiner
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Re: Edward Weston and The Rape Scene in Adolesence of Utena

Cabbage + butterflies + Shiori = interesting symbolism school-eng101

I think the use of that certain piece of art was a nice way to tie together some elements of the story to make it into a symbol.

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God of Comedy
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Re: Edward Weston and The Rape Scene in Adolesence of Utena

I used to think of cabbage as simply a food that I did not likem but now... emot-aaacool



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Decrescent Daytripper
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Re: Edward Weston and The Rape Scene in Adolesence of Utena

I love that scene (and maintain that the butterfly transformation was at least partly inspired by a similar transformation in Ralph Bakshi's Coonskin), and I have to believe that this isn't just a happenstance connection, but was something deliberate. I love how the series is both visually very open and often so in terms of characters or dynamics at a glance, but just overflowing with a density of information and resonance.

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