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Tenjou Tilter
From: The Island of Denial
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Ikuhara Treasure Chest - Translation Project(s) Ahead?

Hey, people. I spent more money than I should have on eBay, but I did get some cool merchandise as a result. I will soon possess the following:
- Shoujo Kakumei Utena three-volume bunko set
- Mawaru Penguindrum three-volume novel set
- Schell Bullet two-volume set
- S to M no Sekai two-volume manga
- Nokemono to Hanayome four-volume manga

Who wants to help with some [future] translation projects? ^-^

"Depression, the bereavement of the Past
Anxiety, the imminence of the Future
Contentment, the seduction of the Present
Time flows mercilessly, and I reside on the Island of Denial"



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