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Where does everyone get their news?

I mostly just check in on Reuters because they're so dedicated to being unbiased, even going to the point of refusing to call Islamic militants "terrorists." Only problem is that they look at everything from a "view at 15000 feet" perspective, so for the most part they only talk about war, billion dollar deals, and elections. But they're still indispensable, and they wouldn't be able to take a closer look without breaking their objectivity.

Who do you tap for news?

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Re: Where does everyone get their news?

Yahoo! news which is total and absolute trash. But I've just been using it for so long its hard to switch.



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Re: Where does everyone get their news?

Al Jazeera English is good. I also like BBC America for local news, the Beeb definitely has its biases, but it's a little more neutral talking about the US than talking about the UK.

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Re: Where does everyone get their news?

Mix of Indian Country Today,  BBC, Queerty, Jezebel, AP, local news,, and industry-specific sites. Lots and lots of word of mouth, of course, since people talk and it's good to listen.

For me, the important thing is not to pretend any source isn't biased in some way. Objective journalism does not exist. Fair journalism might exist, but objective, no, not in the sense of lacking bias or agenda. If science and politics can accept that observation includes picking a side and affecting the outcomes, than journalism is well to do the same, and news audiences even more so.

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Re: Where does everyone get their news?

Bloomberg, NPR, The New York Times, Local Newspaper, The Economist and industry specific titles.



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