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Utena Ripoff?

Hey, I'm not sure if I'm the first person to find this. Its a manga called: 'Shitsurakuen' and it looks like a total ripoff of Utena.

Its about a girl who wants to be a knight who saves princesses. She transfers to a prestigious school and soon learns that all the boys in the school are involved in a game which involves dueling each other for the possession of the girls of the school.

How do they duel? They pull weapons out of the girls chests. They duel, and whoever wins gets possession of the opponents weapon and girl. Also you can tell if someone is a duelist if they wear a fancy glove.

Seriously, it has everything: boob swords, mysterious student council, tomboyish female protagonist with nobility and bike shorts.

I'm I the first person it find this, or am I late to the party?

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Re: Utena Ripoff?

I'm reading it and saw the SKU connection right away but I don't see it as a ripoff as much as an homage. Maybe I am so lenient because I happen to really like Shitsurakuen. The gender angle keeps it fresh and I find interesting how each rescued girl reacts differently to Sora as well as the alternative ways some find to fight the system.

But yes, it lifts from SKU so heavily that there is even a momentous childhood encounter that sets the heroine on her princely path that includes the glass wearing girl who later the main fights for and who clearly knows more than she lets show.

It's also a bit SKU, the Lesbian Harem Version since Sora ends up owning the girls she rescues as per the system.

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Re: Utena Ripoff?

Well, my interest is piqued now.

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Re: Utena Ripoff?

Always a slut for SKU homages am I



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