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Love Live!

Has anyone else been sucked into this horribly addictive pile of cuteness?!_Solo_Live_BOX_2.png/revision/latest?cb=20140507225850

Love Live! is a Japanese multimedia juggernaut, the most popular aspects of which are an anime series (School Idol Project) and a free-to-play iOS/Android rhythm game (School Idol Festival). The premise is that nine Ordinary High School Girls form a singing idol group to boost their school's popularity, in order to prevent it from closing. They practice dancing, write songs, make outfits, and have amusing slice of life shenanigans. The school has an alpaca farm for some reason.

The most recent LL:SIP spin-off movie was #1 at the Japanese box office for 3 weeks. The LL:SIF game has 8 million subscribers in Japan, and the English version is at around 2 million I think.

I've been playing LL:SIF for about 9 months now, and I'm at level 80. It's difficult to stop. If anyone wants to add me as a friend, my ID is 434533288. My main leader card is a UR Nozomi (Pure).

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