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Juri Jeerer
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Anime/Manga recomendation for the gayest non yaoi/sports anime/manga

Anime/Manga Rec: So I'm almost done Pandora Hearts, have read the recent Black Butler and am looking for more of the same.  Two male bishonen characters who we head canon but canon itself didn't come right out and as say they are together.  Looking for non-sports related anime/manga with plenty of glittery love bubbley yaoi fodder preferably with one main character or more getting plenty of HoYay with other guys.  I've also heard Loveless and Karneval and Toward the terra are good in this regard.  Wouldn't mind of there's any flamboyant gay or bi guys.  On and at least one or more of the characters are wanted by other guys



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Decrescent Daytripper
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Re: Anime/Manga recomendation for the gayest non yaoi/sports anime/manga

I'm not sure how "gay" Terra E is, unless the tv show skews very different from the manga and movie. Good-looking men, yes, but, well, if good-looking men made it gay, Ghost in the Shell and Boondock Saints would be gay. (#bara4life and #batou4eva and all that.)

Please Save My Earth is neither porny nor a sports manga/anime, but there's tons of homosexual and non-straightforward-het attractions going on. And, the main characters are high school age. Lots of clutching hands and staring wet-eyed at one another stuff. And, y'know, aliens and telekinesis and biker gangs.

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