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Juri Jeerer
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Looking for anime/manga where male character has many male admirers

Someone like Ciel from Black Butler who has prefects from the P4 interested in him, like Edgar, then there's Aleister Chamber flirting with Ciel both dressed as a girl and dressed as a guy, Soma and Lau also appear to have something towards Ciel and like to touch him a lot and Finnian is rather fond/protective of him.  And don't forget Undertaker, Claude, Sebastian, and Alois also show interest.  Or the unwanted attention he gets from Baron Kelvin.  As for the girls Elizabeth is his fiancÚ and there are other girls like Ran Mao and Sullivan that are interested as well as other girls.  Sebastian also gets a lot of attention from the ladies and Finnian and Grell seem to have fanboy crushes on him.  Yaoi fans also think Ciel has something for Sebastian.  Also a dog with a human naked male form likes Sebastian a lot too.

Or Yuuri from Kyo Kara Maoh. Or Sitri from Makai Devils and Realists who has a fan club at his all boys school of over 200 members. Or Sousuke from Full Metal Panic.   Can anyone think of any others?

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Decrescent Daytripper
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Re: Looking for anime/manga where male character has many male admirers

Are you looking for specifically sexual/romantic type admirers, or just adoring fan clubs and such?

The veteran actor from Hero Heel has many, via his good looks and his work as a tv superhero, but the vast majority are ostensibly hetero in their admiration. Not that he doesn't sleep with folks due, in part, to that hero worship.

Somebody like Harlock is generally beloved by many, but almost always in a decidedly nonsexual fashion.

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